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  1. My technique - Get the seat position and height sorted to operate the pedals in comfort ignoring all else. Then adjust the back angle to be comfortable while being able to reach the necessary buttons. Then adjust the steering wheel angle and rake to suit the seat position. Works for me anyway....
  2. You will have to push it fairly hard. They are quite heavy.
  3. Switch heating on full, remember the mirrors too. Wipe off all of any snow. Scrape off any frost or ice from windows and lights. Go. Doesn't really take that long. Learned in Canada. Use of any water and quite often de-icer simply adds to the problem over there.
  4. I found one in the cubby box when I bought mine nearly new. Nice. What is not so nice is that it doesn't work since the latest IOS update. Software and/or cable compatibility needs to be checked. Edit:- Dust in connector (or similar).
  5. The studs are for the ice under the snow
  6. You have to define a basic car with skinny tyres first. A GTD does not fit that bill My wife's base models Clio and Polo were both better than my Legacy or R in proper snow. The width of the tyres is what makes the difference. Look at a rally car kitted out for snow. Also one of my main problems last year was the front spoiler being a snowplow for everyone else.
  7. "So, my current thinking is, R should be fine on snow with summer tyres due to 4wd. NOTHING will save you if you overcook it on ice, 4wd or not! " You may be disappointed in snow with summer tyres. A budget car on skinny tyres will trump an R on fat tyres in amything more than an inch of snow.
  8. I have found there to be two levels of automatic braking on my 2015 manual. 1. Normal smooth and gentle on adaptive cruise. 2. Hard aggressive braking when it activates emergency braking. That is the annoying one as it is usually not required and overly aggressive. As a side note, I find engine braking on my R to be near as damn it non existent. Note that the majority of my driving is busy commuting at low revs. My opinion may well change when doing "proper driving" but I tend to be focussing on what I am doing at the time, not the whys and wherefors.
  9. I have an early 15 manual, and no sat nav. It scrolls though the options. 3 presses from Individual to Race, and back again has become automatic to me. Get it checked...
  10. On a 7.0 manual I am convinced that while in Eco mode the ESP is set higher than when in Race mode.
  11. Hello all, I recently had an advisory on brake disc thickness. At what thickness should they be replaced? No clues as to what they are for impartiality.
  12. PS - I had a base model Polo as a courtesy car yesterday. The premium to drive an R is money well spent IMO.
  13. Based on these figures it costs me an extra £949.90/annum for the R. Glad I let the heart rule the head. If I am going to do all these miles then I want to enjoy them!
  14. I have my wheels rotated/swapped round every service for even wear. A more expensive hit for a complete set, but longer intervals in between.
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