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  1. cannyjock

    Active info display and Android Auto

    I mean I had Waze running but nav in between the dials. Only once though.
  2. cannyjock

    Active info display and Android Auto

    I think I had this happen once but don't know how to recreate it!
  3. cannyjock

    Lap timings

    What's the best way to record lap times in a 7.5? I know you can do it manually using the steering wheel controls and virtual display, is there a better way? Alternatively, is there something you can use on Android Auto using GPS?
  4. cannyjock

    POI Sat-Nav Speed Camera alerts via Car-Net

    Been playing around with this on my 7.5 with Discover Pro, it loads the symbols and shows them on the main screen, but not on the instrument display and with no audible warnings. The links to the German POI creator site don't work, but I've just found this - I'll try and give it a go but not sure I'll have a chance over the next few days. https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/uploading-speed-camera-pois-tail-of-woe-vw-pulled-the-update-site-again.444799/
  5. cannyjock

    Android auto

    I also got a good quality, very short cable (3 inches) so that I can close the flap, I also have USB debugging enabled which seemed to help the stability issues. Had the same problem on a previous car with android auto headunit
  6. cannyjock

    Android auto

    I get this, and strangely the Pixel 2XL which I also have has had lots of Android Auto issues. Also in a 7.5. I've just learned to live with it, compared to some issues it's quite minor. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/android-auto/MMzfS_EbBt0
  7. cannyjock

    Does stop/start use the Radar?

    Yes, it uses the radar and starts when it detects a car in front moving away.
  8. cannyjock

    Polarised Sunglasses

    No problems here, with 2 different pairs on a 7.5.
  9. cannyjock

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    It's just the ride - lower profile tyres will mean the overall radius of the wheel and tyre is the same.
  10. cannyjock

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Yes, but it doesn't say what each setting actually does - look at individual mode, and for a manual you have Drive and Engine Sound (from memory) for example - it would be good to know exactly what these do. Initially I thought engine sound only affected Soundaktor level, turns out it seems to close the flaps in anything apart from Race. I've heard that somehow revs drop quicker in Race compared to Individual with the same settings. For all of this it would be great to have actual descriptions of what each setting does.
  11. cannyjock

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    The holy grail! It varies between manual and DSG, 7 and 7.5. .. Would love to have something official/definitive list from someone in the know.
  12. cannyjock


    I'm referring to turning it down in individual mode. I've done the same as you (well, 30%) in obd11.
  13. cannyjock

    Front Axle replacement, Handling concern

    Might be worth getting the tracking looked at?
  14. cannyjock

    Importing contacts from iPhone 6

    If not then there may be an option in the phone Bluetooth settings for the car connection. There is on Android.
  15. cannyjock


    In a 7.5 manual I think this will also close the exhaust flaps and you'll lose the 'good' noise.