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  1. Luckily driver only had minor injuries, clear dry day, yes officer I was only doing 39mph
  2. I didn't realise they would do this, car does look OTT and noisy exhaust just asking for it I guess, will probably screw up his future attempts to get insurance as well. SYP is South Yorkshire Police operational support Be Warned
  3. I thought Snickers was a chocolate bar !
  4. Crikey Bad news from Australia You never know what's round the corner FIA Director of Formula 1 Charlie Whiting sadly passed away this morning in Melbourne, aged 66, as the result of a pulmonary embolism, three days before the Australian Grand Prix which will open the F1 season. He began his F1 career in 1977 working at the Hesketh team, then in the 1980s at Brabham. He has been an integral part of the organisation of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship since he joined the Federation in 1988, and has been the Race Director since 1997. FIA President Jean Todt said: “It is with immense sadness that I learned of Charlie’s sudden passing. I have known Charlie Whiting for many years and he has been a great Race Director, a central and inimitable figure in Formula One who embodied the ethics and spirit of this fantastic sport. "Formula 1 has lost a faithful friend and a charismatic ambassador in Charlie. All my thoughts, those of the FIA and entire motor sport community go out to his family, friends, and all Formula 1 lovers.” Ross Brawn, Managing Director, Motorsports, Formula 1 said: “I have known Charlie for all of my racing life. We worked as mechanics together, became friends and spent so much time together at race tracks across the world. "I was filled with immense sadness when I heard the tragic news. I’m devastated. It is a great loss not only for me personally but also the entire Formula 1 family, the FIA and motorsport as a whole. All our thoughts go out to his family.”
  5. Yes I wondered about that, I was absolutely sh1tt1ng myself when I changed my wheel and that was with the battery disconnected they're either very confident or just plain stupid ! But this has reminded me of something when you remove the airbag you have to turn the wheel nearly 180 degrees to release the clips, how have they done that without the key ? Mine is keyless and completely solid without the ignition on
  6. SH1T mine was round the corner last night at work ! 😮 But that doesn't add up they've used a std jack possibly nicked from a nearby car to get the wheels off, that's not very well prepared and they've got the steering wheel off through the window of a locked car which needs a very fancy star drive socket weird
  7. Stunning car ! What a dealership that is they have some very tasty stock, always dropping in for a nosy, did you get your Porsche off them ? If so how do you rate them ?
  8. So my last 3 cars have been 4wd, the last an A45 certainly let go more than the R from the rear under suspect tyre wear / road conditions, but same as FWD once the fronts get below 4.5mm'ish onto the back they go as if you don't they then wear super fast. 4WD can't beat physics and I've a particular roundabout near work that always has a diesel coating, caution is needed, but as always just imagine how bad all these 'loss of grip' moments would be in a 2WD, OMG
  9. Clearly his MPG is of no concern Wonder if he's anything to do with the parts thefts in the Sheffield area ?
  10. https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/news/four-arrested-as-bank-robbery-police-chase-ends-in-ripponden-car-smash-1-9568599
  11. I haven't touched the front badge but black rear to match the black sills, undertray, black prets and black mirror caps not a fan of too much chrome TBH 😎 👍
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