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  1. ALS391

    Loss of grip / skidding / sliding.

    So my last 3 cars have been 4wd, the last an A45 certainly let go more than the R from the rear under suspect tyre wear / road conditions, but same as FWD once the fronts get below 4.5mm'ish onto the back they go as if you don't they then wear super fast. 4WD can't beat physics and I've a particular roundabout near work that always has a diesel coating, caution is needed, but as always just imagine how bad all these 'loss of grip' moments would be in a 2WD, OMG
  2. Clearly his MPG is of no concern Wonder if he's anything to do with the parts thefts in the Sheffield area ?
  3. ALS391

    Police in pursuit, then this.....

  4. ALS391

    Why the black badges ?

    I haven't touched the front badge but black rear to match the black sills, undertray, black prets and black mirror caps not a fan of too much chrome TBH 😎 👍
  5. ALS391

    White 7.5 R stolen in broad daylight

    Hats off to the neighbour for trying to do something and got her car damaged to boot but what do you do ? would be very tempting to proper ram it but then you've damaged your own car and your neighbours, no doubt the insurance companies would not show any ' thanks ' and do both as at fault claims
  6. ALS391

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Wife is a cashier at Santander and if you rocked up with that much cash they have to raise a SAR - suspicious activity report for their fraud team to investigate / liaise with police, it's an attempt to stop money laundering which is why dealerships cannot accept large amounts of cash for cars and you can't buy houses with cash without proving where it's come from. Why would anyone these days have that much cash and be reluctant to use a bank ? Apparently this is 43k you'll need a big bag ! and I wouldn't fancy counting all that
  7. ALS391

    Lost car key

    Not sure where you are, our local auto key smith is fantastic https://keyfax-manchester.co.uk/auto-locksmith/ misses has a Suzuki and dropped her keys down a street grid which I was told was a bottomless drain ! They could replace the key without going to the manufacturer for just over £100 In the end I went fishing and got them out, stripped and cleaned dried for a day and all working 😁
  8. ALS391

    Winter Tyres

    Hi Jedi, I've used winter tyres for years now and they just don't perform unless it's cold, apparently they contain more silicon to let the tyre flex / grip in cold (below 7 degrees). I put them on a few weeks ago after all the press panic and sometimes it's hard work if the temp is above 7 which it has been. One year I left a pair on the back of my A45 to wear out into spring but it was f....g impossible to drive so as the temps climbed I had to chuck them away. Roll on the snow ❄️⛄❄️
  9. ALS391

    Counting Using Images

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, ALL THE BEST Whoops sorry guys we've already done that one MY MISTAKE
  10. ALS391

    18 months jail for this !!

    sentenced to 18 months for all this with an additional 6 for stealing diesel, does not add up to me, those guys in the other cars really lucky to survive as he was and destroyed someone's pride and joy 😮 https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/m62-crash-jailed-jake-vesey-15564843