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  1. Mine was done at home, They only ask you to attend a centre when it needs calibrating so if you have high beam assist or lane assist it needs the camera calibrating, they can usually tell the spec of your car from the reg but indeed mine was a 40 mile trip when my A45 needed calibrating but better safe than sorry
  2. ALS391

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    Years ago that was owned by our local VW dealers Smith Knight Fay, Hyde Gtr Manchester and one of their owners always had it on his car, they have now been snapped up by Inchcape so who knows whose got it now
  3. Mine has been stealer serviced yesterday and I got a warning about the rear discs being scored ! pads 50% worn and my fronts only 20% worn after 29k, pathetic springs to mind my A45 brakes lasted way more before ay issues, suffice to say VW will not be replacing mine I'm going to find an alternative decent local VW specialist
  4. 2018 7.5 - just tried this driving home from work and it behaves as you describe, I've always used the paddles to slow down and on a hill it does use the engine braking to slow down and stay in the selected lower gear, it doesn't change back to D after the usual 13 secs when your on the level with no load. A few cars ago I had a Clio RS200 EDC, my first twin clutch, it had no engine braking whatsoever and actually seemed to speed up as it used to blip the throttle on the downchange, nightmare !
  5. Elm Green ? my Grandad had a green beetle which I think was more like BRG than your green, not lucky enough to drive it but remember the clutch pedal came up through the floor, is that correct ?. He had another before that pale blue split screen UHL 650, amazing !
  6. 1st time pass 13th December 1971, taught in a Triumph Toledo which my instructor changed for a brand new Triumph 1500 a week before my test. Both with drum brakes all round and a 4 speed gearbox, I never knew / realised this then but the Toledo was rear wheel drive and the 1500 front wheel drive. A few weeks after my Uncle let me drive his Cortina Mk2 estate with 3 speed auto ! 😃 WoW those were the days !
  7. Yep disappointed with my Golf's exhaust but my neighbours are a lot happier as they don't hear my 0545 departures as much. My A45 had a performance exhaust and was mad but I really miss it. However with the A45 if you were 'on it' everybody knew and it actually frightened some pedestrians, so stealth is perhaps more sensible but something in between would be spot on. My Grandkids really miss it and frequently comment.......... two of them are actually on hols in Florida and got a Mustang V8 upgrade.....they love it's noise.....both girls 13 &16 are budding petrol heads !
  8. I'm aware of disabling keyless entry I'm aware of coding it off I'm aware of aftermarket alarms What I don't know and that's what my questions are about is when are VW going to correct this design error / oversight before we all get increased insurance premiums and cars losing value because of keyless entry when Thatcham include keyless entry in the NVSA
  9. Yep Aware of that and use it, but this is what we want and is what the post question is about https://www.whatcar.com/news/ford-tackles-keyless-car-theft-with-new-sleeping-key-fob/n19213
  10. Not through choice my Mar 18 Golf R has keyless entry so it's at risk and I have to take precautions, absolutely ridiculous that VW and other manufacturers can sell a £35k plus car that's so vulnerable. So finally Thatcham are now including keyless-entry cars vulnerability to theft in a vehicle’s New Vehicle Security Assessments (NVSA) risk rating and this will increase insurance premiums on poorly protected cars and inevitably affect their values, no way will I buy one again ! As the technology is improved and most manufacturers i.e MB have done it, when the key is left still it goes to sleep and doesn't issue a signal so can't be boosted, as this is hopefully just a key upgrade are VW going to offer a retrofit upgrade, for free or at greatly reduced cost. So 2 questions 1) Have new VW's with keyless been made secure yet, as anybody got one or heard when ? 2) As anybody heard if there will be a retro fit offered ? I know there's lots of aftermarket alarms etc but I'm asking about upgrades from VW only cheers Alan
  11. Chris, sorry your disappointed, my disappointment is lack of exhaust noise, A45 before ! ! My Golf on 19's with Conti 5's and DCC is absolutely spot on I have a test road........which my cars have to be able to do, it easily whops any squashy ride BMW's and rock hard stuff such has Audi's with S-Line suspension etc if you fancy a ride come up North to Stalybridge / Holmfirth hope you find a solution
  12. WoW crash in Sheffield hope this is nobody on here, whilst looking for this I searched Morrisons vans and there's been dozens of them going over appears to be a very unstable van but worse this car will need a front bumper and given all the bumper thefts in this area I'll have to hide my car at work this week 😟 https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/traffic-and-travel/morrisons-van-overturns-in-crash-and-lands-on-parked-car-in-sheffield-street-111272
  13. Luckily driver only had minor injuries, clear dry day, yes officer I was only doing 39mph
  14. I didn't realise they would do this, car does look OTT and noisy exhaust just asking for it I guess, will probably screw up his future attempts to get insurance as well. SYP is South Yorkshire Police operational support Be Warned
  15. I thought Snickers was a chocolate bar !
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