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  1. A couple of weeks ago i did my first cross country drive in my MK6 R and and thoroughly enjoyed it. Circa 600mile round trip with a travel time of circa 4 hours each way. I now have a trip planned in December which will take me 8 hours one way (if i dont stop) routing from Manchester to Glasgow to Isle of Skye and then back down again. In total i can see it being a 1000+ mile all round trip. Whats the longest trip you've done in your R? The only thing i can say kind of got to me at times on my Glasgow trip was the exhaust sound (Full Milltek - Decat - Non resonated at circa 80mph at 3k rpm).
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    Q5<Golf R

    I'm in the same boat (no pun intended), but its mainly due to having a 1 year old and the car being packed to the rim when going cross country. My options are, 1. Deal with it, and enjoy the R, especially as it gives me near 400miles to a full tank (99ron) on the motorway; 2. Buy a roof rack for additional cargo capacity; 3. Buy an SQ5 or the sort; 4. Really be silly and buy an S8; or, 5. Screw it all and buy an Evo 9 and screw cargo space altogether.
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 13 hours

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    HPI Clear, 2 original keys, FVWSH upto 97k miles, and then serviced by specialists and then me thereon wards. Timing belt / new water pump done at 97k miles by previous owner. Haldex done at VW Oldham at 104k miles. Most recent service by me was 115k miles comprising Millers nano oil / Bosch, general servicing items from Awesome GTI (Cam follower kit, etc) - all receipts included.I have owned the car since 104,939 miles and the car has had 4 oil changes already within my ownership. MOT until 14/05/2020 - Due to be refreshed by August 2020 due to Covid-19 delay. Engine tuned to 360hp / 400ftlb in 23degree weather. R-tech in Coventry have worked on my car (I spent a whole load of money with them).The Inlet was walnut blasted by R-tech to de-carbon the valves, etc (pics for proof or before and after)4No brand new injectors installed costing 600 + , 2 done by R-tech in Coventry - 2 bought from Awesome GTi in Irlam by myself (have receipts for all four).Brand new REVO intake supplied by Progressive Parts and installed by R-tech - pics and receipts for proof (costing 300)Exhaust - The Golf R has a Full turbo back Milltek, 3 inch system with a de-cat and no resonators - Stealth edition with black tips. Cost circa 1,000 - receipt included. Other supporting engine mods include:New Audi RS4 Fuel pressure regulator (130bar)New Audi R8 Coil pack - fitted by R-tech. New Revised yellow dipstick - supplied by R-tech. New Diverter valve (rev G) - supplied and fitted by R-tech. LOBA High pressure fuel pump with new cam follower installed (bought from Awesome GTi in Irlam - have receipt.Whilst at R-tech, I had them remove the oil sump, fit a new pick up pipe as well as a new drain plug. 4no brand new Michelin Pilot Sport4S (PS4s) were installed in 2019..... Bad points - small issue with the key fob buttons not working. I've had it checked by VW - They made me buy a brand new key costing 300 as they wouldn't examine the car with one of the keys being an aftermarket key (i bought it like this).Anyhow, i finally got 2 original keys, got them recoded by VW (another circa 70 quid) and the buttons still didn't work. I just unlock and lock it manually.There is a small bump on the rear bumper where the paint has flaked off and some general stone chips here as well as some kerbing on a couple of alloys as can be seen from the images..


    - GB

  4. Got my renewal 2 days ago. Cheapest its been ans cheaper than any go compare quote
  5. 2 years ago i paid circa £2200 business etc. Last year i paid £750 inc communting. This year im hoping for cheaper quotes with 1 extra NCB
  6. Lucky you. I've been pestering the Mrs since early feb to book it and she just kept putting it aside. Still a waiting game for me and trying to find a loophole to get money back for the hol in June
  7. Balal_R


    Im almost 95% i had it. No underlying issues. It was the same day the first case was confirmed locally with someone NOT have travelled to the affected countries. That case happened to be only a couple of miles from me. I went through the motions with 111 / GP and got spat out with no help to say the least. The cold symptoms are not bad, the cough though, oh my. My abs were absolutely sore from coughing that much. My lungs were so bad, I'd wake at night coughing into my pillow. It lasted 2.5 weeks all in (i borrowed the mrs blue inhaler / inhaled eucalyptus oils / ingested soothers to get me through it). Its way to much coincidence for this to occur the same day as the said case, and considering the last time i had a cold was December 2018. If it wasn't corona, it was the worst chesty cough I've ever had.
  8. Balal_R


    Cheers for the advice fellas. I'll definitely create a tactic menu and use some of the tactics for the future.
  9. Balal_R


    I wont be scared to admit this, working frim home plays a huge part on my mental health (and not for the better).
  10. £400 odd for travel insurance atm. Thats the cheapest.
  11. Balal_R


    That is precisely what will need to happen, some local authorities have already agreed the tempro growth factor approach. To be honest, i didn't think anyone would know what i was talking about, they never do!
  12. Balal_R


    The mrs didnt book travel insurance for Dubai in summer. Countless warnings later and its too late. 2k down if its all still like this in 10 weeks. As a transport planner we cant so any new jobs either due to not being able to undertake speed or traffic flow surveys (due to little to no traffic on the road) earliest we can resume business as normal is September the earliest. Sucks x a million
  13. Balal_R


    Evening drives when working from home are absolutely essential.
  14. Balal_R


    No idea, i didnt go to gym (observed daily updates via instagram). And i didnt go because of corona, i was just lazy ha. Ive been working from home wince Tuesday last week. All i can say to those who are /will be doing the same is wow, prepare to battle with your sanity. I've annoyed the Mrs atleast 2 million times since and eaten way more than i should. On the plus side, i painted my fences / pressure washed my rear garden on the weekend in preparation for it being the only outdoor area we could go to for a while. The lockdown is inevitable really.
  15. Balal_R


    To add the above, how did it this take this long to close gyms! Absolutely ideal environment to spread the virus. I could have potentially had it 3 weeks ago but i will never know. My GP and 111 were absolutely useless and didnt want to know because I had not travelled abroad. Im 31. Fit and healthy. It wrote off my lungs big time and i am still recovering 3 weeks on.
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