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  1. I don't live too far from Hazel Grove at the moment, a place which rhymes with "peald lean" (just to throw off any potential thieves browsing this forum ha). I thought i was OK moving to this area, from a more crime heavy area (fallowfield area) but I've heard of more vehicular crime in this nicer area than fallowfield! There are many residents with bollards installed.
  2. I'll have to try this Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale product you speak of!
  3. Ever since becoming a dad 6 months ago, my washing / detailing standards have pretty much gone down the drain (pun intended). FML, i have become one of those people with all sorts of shite in their boot. I'm hoping some better weather will help cure this disease of not caring about how the R looks. Any other parents been through similar?
  4. Welcome Chris. I'm also from Manchester (southern manchester). Get a small steering lock and never turn into your local roads being followed. They seem to be popular cars to steal around Stockport. If you have a second car, block the golf / garage area off with that.
  5. Its just bad luck. By default, the speed limit may be 70mph on dual's and M's but the design speed it circa 90mph atleast. Absolutely every one does at least 80. I've never had points or owt. Got caught overtaking a bloody HGV blood transport and who was in the layby as soon as i overtook (oh hello traffic camera van). 1mph over the threshold where i could have taken a drivers awareness course, and i had to take 4 bloody points at once. Sucks
  6. This. I can vouch for the costco deal, i benefitted from it a few months ago. They do insist that they fit them though and you have to pay a fitting fee.
  7. The location sucks. I had a long plaster board nail in my brand new PS4S tyre not long ago! Bloomin neighbours decorating and all! I had it repaired in no time
  8. Blast from the past! I still dont have new tyres but i have had the following done. Kind of scary seeing most if on a list! 4 new injectors Inlet walnut blasted New Revo intake Rev G DV New intercooler seals New dipstick Sump off and pick up pike clean / new magnetic plug TS4 FPV Cam follower Helix service R8 Coils and new iridium plugs Stage 2+ remap from R-tech 360hp / 400ftlb torque in circa 24 degree summer. I was told it would perform closer to 400hp / 450ftlbs torque in the winter and boy it didn't disappoint. Probably missed a lot, but i cant wait to lower it / get a carbon lip / spoiler / diffuser and then some grip and sort out the damn key issue. Im sure its a door module!
  9. Hi Pal, this has happened to me before at my parents house. I was playing Gran Turismo 5 at the time as it was out new. I heard a car at low revs but high tyre noise, possibly 3rd gear and approaching a dead end aka our house! Major impact on the house. A wall pillar approx. 80kg was flung 10ft into the air, etc etc. Police were called. They evacuated the house for safety reasons. They needed a structural engineer to come out of which i said i can confirm that the house will not topple over night. I am a qualified architectural technician, and they took my word for it. Procedure should obviously be telling home insurance and getting quotes for the damage caused but you really need to get some thorough checks done. We got circa £4k compensation for the damage of which my cheap skate dad got me to install a new window free of charge. Patched up a few bricks himself and then pointed the whole thing in a horrid manner. Needless to say he is paying for it now as damp has travelled all the way up to the second floor haha. To conclude - get at least three very through quotes for the damage caused to both the external leaf and the internal leaf - including any replastering and redecorating. The aftermath:
  10. Hi All, I bought a Golf MK6 R 3 weeks ago and the buttons on the fobs were temperamental. Both worked at the same time when they did work. Both stopped working at the same time when they didn't work. I took it into VW. They said I had a non-genuine key and a genuine key and could only proceed if they were working with two genuine keys with the same part numbers. Fair play I said. I'm keeping the car long term and don't mind buying a genuine key. Bought a new key today. Had two original keys coded to the car today and the buttons on both keys still don't work. They simply unlock the car manually and start the car as was always the case. I've had enough of VW using this case as a tickbox exercise. They're now asking me to pay another £60 for diagnostic from this point onwards. Now knowing that the aftermarket key was working fine is a bit annoying as it has been a waste of time buying a new key. Does ANYONE have any idea as to how I should be dealing with this? FYI - The comfort control module behaves as it should when i turn the ignition on. i.e. Lights come on - doors unlock etc. This makes me think the CCM is just fine but i could be wrong. What else could it be? A cut wire? the immobiliser box? But the immobiliser disengages when I start the car. If there any specialists you know that have experience with this matter then by all means, pass on their details. Based in Manchester Kind regards, Balal😑
  11. Thanks guys. I've been sucked into the game! New cam follower ordered. New original spare key ordered. Stage 2+ remap booked in with R-tech. New tyres will be here soon. Why didn't anyone warn me I'd get carried away spending on this R! As ever, i focus on the mechanics before i get down to the cosmetics. Actually cant wait for that part. B
  12. Howdy, all, As if car forums still exist! Introduction: I'm Balal, and have recently acquired a 12 plate, stage 2+, Golf MK6 R. Brief car history: A few eg6's Sunny GTi Lexus GS300 Ev0 4.6 Integra DB8 Golf MK6 GTi Current cars: Golf MK6 R - Stage 2 + Polo with DSG when my ears need to recover Only had her less than two weeks and have already given it a full engine service including Haldex service. I've joined with the sole purpose to gain an insight as to why both my key fobs are not working (honestly is the best policy and all that), so will get searching for that answer. In the meantime, I will acquaint myself with the site! Speak soon, Balal
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