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  1. Steve D

    Running In Map

    Can anyone confirm if a rumour I`ve heard about the Golf R having a running in map for the first 1000 miles is true ¬ or not!
  2. Not exciting really, but the plastic boot floor liner I purchased for £17.99 on Ebay has been worth its weight in gold .
  3. Steve D

    Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    After reading this thread I tried Tesco Momentum - in my view the car definitely runs better than with any 95 octane fuel I've used. For what it's worth, I found the following reply from VW regarding fuel octane. What fuel should I put in my car? Petrol Volkswagen recommends using fuel with a low sulphur content or sulphur-free fuel for petrol engines in order to achieve reduced fuel consumption. For most vehicles standard unleaded is fine (95 RON) but for GTI and 'R we recommend super unleaded (98 RON).
  4. Steve D

    Mk 7.5 discounts

    Paid £29,700 via Drive The Deal for my White, 5 Door, DSG with the adjustable suspension option in late January 2018