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  1. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    Definitely noticeably more dull off the mark, driving round town etc on the standard unleaded. Nearest Tesco is 14 miles away though. In normal mode you have to hit the pedal harder to feel it... and even in race mode it's noticeably dull.
  2. Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    I must be using the Search function incorrectly as I presumed this must have been debated. I've just filled with Regular 95......... I'll wait & see what happens. NOt the extra few pence per litre that bothers me, just curious if it really will be noticeable
  3. Can the R run well on unleaded or must it be Super Unleaded? Any noticeable difference? Just curious.
  4. Black R

    I’m sure these have been seen before!! My Golf R!
  5. New Golf R Delivered!!

    Black R Delivered yesterday. Driven delivery which meant there was 180 miles on the clock at point of handover to me, which I wasn’t impressed with. Quarter of a tank remaining. I stick with the 18 Cadiz for additional comfort, but it is a standard car stick vehicle. Replaced my 335d M Sport Touring with performance pack. I’ve only driven 100 miles in the R so can’t give a detailed write up, but first impressions are very positive. I test drove the GTD which wasn’t for me, as nice as the car is... I wanted more power and something fun this time around in my late 40s. I thought the R would be quite a bit quicker than the GTD and about the same as my outgoing 335d. I’m surprised it is SO much quicker and nimble in all respects. It really blows my 335 away & I would say it is a little nippier than my old 997 C2S. Anywaty, I didn’t test drive the R which is the reason I’ve been taken by surprise at the sheer grunt of this thing. It’s a manic car which can be driven like a normal car. First impression is I love it! Feels like I’m back in my old Renault 5 GT Turbo back in 1989! back with a full write up soon...
  6. (16) 335d M Sport Touring

    (65) 120d M Sport 

  7. Why does GTI get all the glory?

    If the Golf hadn't been available in 4WD then I'd have gone for another Xdrive. Prior to ordering an R I couldn't really see the relevance of the GTI, unless you're tracking ....or a purist GTI fan. If the GTI had been 4WD and the R FWD, I'd have gone GTI with less power.
  8. Delivery Shortly DSG

    Hello. I have an R being delivered this coming week. 5 door DSG. It’s replacing my 16 reg 335d M Sport Touring with Performance pack. I’ve had untold amounts of fast cars over the years but have found the last few cars a bit boring. I wanted something more fun & engaging as a daily, but with the 4WD, so ordered an R. Didnt test drive so no idea what it’s like. I like the understated appearance mostly, but looking forward in anticipation. I did think this car may be a bit young for me but I see there’s a lot owners well over 50 on here, which makes me a spring chicken in my late 40s!!!
  9. No, stock vehicle. Standard car. replacement for my 335d M Sport Touring. Quite looking forward to it, first hot hatch i’ve had since a 205 GTI 1.9 way back in 1990! ... oh and. R5 GT Turbo in 1989!
  10. Ordered 10 days ago and mines in Bristol ... delivery next week. Is there a storage compound Inchcape use?