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  1. Cleaned the R today, came up well
  2. My S5 had a tracker (which was stolen) and the Police rang me 5 days later to tell menthe call went along the lines of yes great then track it but no sir you have to pay six hundred quid for them to track it…nope not on top of excess and the big chance of finding the tracker on its own attached to a battery. Ghost is the way forward I believe
  3. voorhees

    golf r lovin it

    Welcome to the club Vaggie 👍
  4. On another note I changed the 69 to my private plate after a month and I found an extra set of holes that the Stealer had drilled in my bumper, rather than using the holes already there….which was nice 😕
  5. I was with Adrian Flux and even thought the renewal would be higher I was price matched….sadly my car was stolen which luckily it only happens to a small percentage
  6. Had my recently replaced silly speaker replaced and it is making the wrong noise again ! only done 1k ffs
  7. The soundaktor (silly speaker to make engine noise) replaced after 750 miles also the side diffuser was loose so was reseated on my 69 plate
  8. My old car was 555 well worth it considering the quality of the roads……..said nobody
  9. I drove thru Somerset once…..I didn't see you 😎
  10. "vibrant, sensual and outgoing, a true attention grabber. Embrace your vibrancy!" Lmfao what a load of b******s
  11. Its not spectator friendly but they could stay in the garage I guess and watch from there
  12. Great place to start with plenty of run offs and the configuration I did it had a long back straight to hit good speed
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