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  1. Jeez,I don't know which side to feel the worst for you or him.
  2. voorhees


    Hello and welcome Litchfield are a bit posh for mapping a Golf you must have been sneered at in the car park lol
  3. voorhees


    I am a stalwart who never entertained TG after they left/booted off the boys but after much persuasion I watched the first episode of the current season and yes its looking a winner
  4. voorhees

    Hi guys

    Great colour not seen one in that
  5. Gallardo…got told off by the instructor as to me the brakes were so good I could wait until after the braking point on track
  6. My loan car off my mate is an R32,they are going up in price but this mileage makes people think its a forever young car but in fact its rubbers are perishing, the engine isn't properly luricated over its 16 years and the electrics will be hit and miss. My loaner is on 83k which is reasonable I think for an 03 car.
  7. I always use Revo who have the R&D behind them so no live logging required when mapping,I always believe a rolling road (dyno) is needed as a datum point before mapping so you know the increase in power.
  8. Good to hear it transforms the car albeit an already fast card,did they mention a map for the DSG ? Also good to have a before and after dyno plot which a lot of tuners don't offer, the 303bhp is negligible as ideally all dyno's should be done in laboratory conditions, too many factors can alter the figure but its good to have an accurate datum.
  9. Good to hear as I've one on order
  10. Sorry to hear this, a work colleague forwarded me this link https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/vehicle-crime-coventry-16314365 He knows my car was stolen and he was confronted the week after in broad daylight,by the same black tracksuit moped rider who tried to nick a Fiat Abarth half an hour earlier,threatened with a 8 inch survival knife
  11. Matt in Warwick 07717716781 Dale in Tamworth 07756392332
  12. My S5 was nicked when I went visiting and recent quotes do not seem to be impacted by it with Ageos
  13. So many nay sayers PMSL 🐑
  14. And the wings and front badges will still be there, probably just debadge it but purchased one just to see
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