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  1. It happens thick and fast when it arrives here
  2. great avatar Mon the Hoops

  3. voorhees

    Just joined.

    Hello John Welcome to R membership
  4. I think a remap always gets you thinking why not as standard but safe tolerances and ahem emissions/eco also come into play, what was the dsg map ? On my Edition 30 I had an option of load or linear and I opted for linear…..it was a 360 bhp FWD beast but when I hit sport it was a lunatic, you couldn't drive it on public roads for long with that map but on track it was epic,on the loud pedal it ran out of tarmac quick but off it slowed down like standing on the brakes.
  5. voorhees

    Hey you guys

    Thanks for the compliments appreciate that, yeah the smile is firmly on my face behind the wheel….must try to drive it out of race mode though
  6. voorhees

    Hey you guys

    Its here !! Hell yeah
  7. voorhees

    Hi !

    Hey Tinman Yes you can apparently https://www.volkswagen-carnet.com/en_GB/discover-car-net/app-connect/android-auto.html
  8. I think CCTV is outdone by a hoodie and scarf combo by the oxygen thieves. Ghost/Pandora minus the apps are the one backed up by stoplock/disclok and when at home a security post is another notch for car keeping also https://www.tintyourglass.co.uk/supaglass.html would be the ultimate.
  9. I follow JDM plates on Insta and they always look on point
  10. Jeez,I don't know which side to feel the worst for you or him.
  11. voorhees


    Hello and welcome Litchfield are a bit posh for mapping a Golf you must have been sneered at in the car park lol
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