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  1. I found the ride on my previous R even with 18's fitted to be very "jiggly" even on smooth roads,i now have a Golf GTD with the 19" upgraded alloys & the ride is still very smooth (i know you cant compare a GTD to a R but it certainly helps my old back) should i get another Golf R i will be only looking at examples with DCC now.
  2. Great guide,thanks i always found the lights on my previous mk7 Golf to be very low,i hoped my MK 7.5 would be better,ive given mine one full turn which looks to lift them up by around a inch,i will try the lights tonight & see if they need anymore adjustment,the lights on the mk 7.5 are much improved over the mk7 but vw still seem to set them very low from the factory.
  3. Im quite shocked by how many cars ive owned since passing my test at the age of 17,some i wish id kept now & some i wish id never bought in the first place! 😊 1981 Mk1 Ford fiesta 1.1 Ghia. 1984 Vauxhall Nova SR. 1987 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 LX. 1991 Vauxhall Cavalier SRI.(My first fast car,got this in my early 20's & "Chipped it"...loved this car). 1994 Nissan Primera eGT. 1996 Nissan Primera SRI. 1991 Vauxhall Astra Starmist (Bought this as a cheap runaround as i had just bought my first house & needed to free up some cash). 1994 Vauxhall cavalier LSI. 1993 Vauxhall Cavalier SRI 16v. 1999 Nissan Primera GT. 1998 Honda Accord LSI. (reliable but so boring). 2003 Skoda Octavia VRS. 2008 Skoda Octavia VRS. 2012 Volvo V60 D2. 2015 VW Golf R. 2017 VW Golf GTD. Also owned the following:- 1996 Ford Transit 2.5D van (In bright yellow & nick named the trottervan by friends & family,Great van but sadly rotted away eventually). 1991 Peugeot 205 gti (I regretted selling this,as soon as the new owner drove off with it i knew id made a huge mistake). 1979 Austin Mini Pick up (Doubled my money on this & moved it on before a expensive restoration was required). I dread to think how much money ive spent on all these... 😏
  4. Having had both id have the Mk7.5 every time,they look better but more importantly have much better light output than the Mk7.
  5. I paid £19k for my 2 year old Golf R with 19k on the clock from a vw dealer in July 17 (it was a manual though).
  6. I think he means he bought a 65 plate Golf in Jan 17 so the car is a 2015 year not a 2017.
  7. I had no issues with the stop/start operation on my Manual golf but now I have a DSG golf its a pain in the arse & I always turn it off before I set off,i find on the DSG models it cuts in far to soon,it was cutting the engine when I was pulling up to junctions & roundabouts which is dangerous,i personally think it should operate once the handbrake is applied or the gear selector put into neutral or park.
  8. I fitted a Blackvue dashcam to mine & i hard wired it using the Blackvue power magic pro hardwire kit which allows you to set up how long you want the camera to record for when parked up but also protects the car battery & shuts the camera off if the main car battery gets low. This saves having the dashcam on all the time recording whilst parked up.
  9. If your car is leased then read the terms & conditions ref servicing,some lease companies state you must use vw for all servicing & it has to be carried out at the correct intervals,doing it yourself is not a option,i took out a service plan which covers 2 services,one oil service & one inspection service that works out a bit cheaper than paying for each service at the time they are carried out.
  10. Mine was starting to leak coolant from this housing when i traded in my 2015 (29k miles) Golf R. Its a common failure on the 2.0 tsi engine,Lots of Audi's & Skoda's have had the same failure,i was told there is now a modified housing/water pump that gets fitted.Its not a cheap job either if out of warranty & yes i agree it shouldnt be failing so early.
  11. My local dealer has 2 brand new manual R's currently for sale.....£33k each!!!!! & JCT 600 Bradford currently has one for sale for £34750!! 😮
  12. I do have the sat nav screen on the night setting in the virtual cockpit all the time now as i find it a bit bright at dusk when the car has put the lights on but doesnt think its dark enough for the screen to dim,it also bugs me when it keeps changing from day to night screen when i drive under trees on my way to work,i have the media screen showing on my infotainment screen which isnt that bright as im old & still listen to cd's. 😃 Im very impressed with how much info you can have on the virtual dash at one time,as well as the normal speedo & rev counter,fuel & temp i have the nav,average fuel & distance left in the tank,digital speedo,gear indicator all displayed.
  13. I agree,i like the RS3 & S3 but the interior/dash looks very old fashioned & plain nowadays,well overdue a facelift.
  14. Well this is a new take on the "Lamp lovers" pages....maybe rename this "Golf Lovers". 😋
  15. I bought my gtd as I really like the Golfs,i didn't want a gti after owing a R for a year,i went from a base spec mk7 manual to a good spec mk 7.5 dsg, which has helped make the change,yes I miss the grip & outright performance of the R but that's about it,things I don't miss are having to fill it up with a tank of fuel every week,wondering when the next attempt to take it from me will be (I had 2 in a year of ownership) having my insurance renewal go up 50% due to my insurer now classing the R as high risk,wondering how long the crap clutch is going to last before it fails,when the thermostat housing water pump is going to start leaking (which it will) & having every boy racer wanting to race me,unless your driving both cars flat out there is very little difference to me in everyday normal driving,yes the gtd sounds like a tractor from the outside but from the inside its very smooth & quiet,its certainly not a underpowered diesel,overtaking etc is quick (helped by the dsg box im sure)for now the gtd works for me,should things change then my next car may be a Audi S4.
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