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  1. If you like the Cadiz..... Keep them..... I personally like them, but i know not everyone does. On the plus side I hit one hell of a pot hole today, not sure a Pret would still be in one piece after that.
  2. As already said, I think DCC is like many options, great if you have them, but not essential to enjoy the car. For me its like Dynaudio, I have both but could live without having either, but, would I buy both again.... YES, I love them both. Options for me should be exactly that, not essential to have all the fun or practicality any car can offer (the R comes very well equipped!), but just make the experience that much better for those that want those small but really good tweaks and upgrades. Luckily we are all different, it would be boring if we all liked exactly the same things. I don't like adding too many options (you never get the cost back in resale) so I do only pick them if I think I would appreciate them. Sadly nowadays many cars need extras to make them 'work' thus hiding the real price of the cars. But back to DCC.... I love it and would definitely have it again (having had golfs with and without).
  3. Mine has recently kicked in a number of times when nothing was close, the first time driving at 10mph from my drive onto an empty road, slammed the brakes on with nothing at all in front but an empty road, gave me and my son one hell of a shock!! Since then it has come on a couple of times when I was a long way from the car ahead, again causing me and the car behind more grief than any risk of collision!! I hate it but I guess if it saves me one crash a few false alarms are possibly worth it, I just feel for those behind, they cant see me apologise as i have tints!!
  4. It was not standard on 2018 or 2017 cars, so should be no problem in getting one at all.
  5. Its the colours, they know which ones are harder to shift so have to discount them more.
  6. Can I ask how many miles have you got out of the Pads-Disks? Was it just road use?
  7. ETTO, I for one like modern advances, I look back at my first few cars and thank god there has been a move to higher tech and digitisation, drum brakes, no power steering, no air con, no electronics at all and woefully under powered engines..... and that's just a start, everyone says modern tech will fail and be expensive in the future, but that's just not how it works out, it gets cheaper and more reliable, my first few cars continually broke down, sadly mechanical stuff fails as well. No moving parts... you could argue less to go wrong! Just like cars, I look back at old computers and operating systems... I doubt anyone would go back to DOS or Windows 3.1 and Intel 80286 processors!! 😉
  8. Digital all the way. No going back.
  9. LV raised mine this year from £276 to £320, no accidents or points and in excess of 9 yrs NCD..... Time to shop around again, its such a pain having to do this as they rip you off for staying with them....
  10. I absolutely agree with SpursMadDave, a fun weekend car, if you can get a decent sports car (V6, V8), is soo much more than just handling. TCR is OK, its not especially fast and it just does not have the soul of a roaring V8. The weekend car should make you smile just looking at it and then when you flash it up..... The noise and emotions are what you want. But each to their own, for me the fun of RWD is exactly what weekend cars are all about, fast off the line and fun round the corner, and they take skill to perfect, so a lot of fun learning to drive them, accepting the occasional brown trouser moment!!
  11. If the BM does not work for you try the Jag F Type SVR, a real monster V8 and AWD, plenty of power,does not surfer many of the issues the non AWD F types suffer.
  12. It took a little bit to get used to the digital dials because there initially does not appear to be any depth to them, they appear in your face a bit. Once you do I think they are fantastic. Miles better than analogue, much more flexibility to show what you want and where. However, would I change a car for them and loose a shed load of money... no. If you are happy with your current car, spend money playing with it or go on a nice holiday!! Your mileage is really not an issue so no real need to change.
  13. I find the steering really good, what car did you have before the R? Obviously any steering is subjective, for me Race is too heavy for everyday driving, and now I am used to the car I hardly ever take it out of Normal. I flick into Race occasionally just for a bit of fun but its not exactly relaxing.
  14. I think you are pretty much on the ball with this, totally agree, the TCR is more of a weekend car for a bit of fun... but for me there is the problem. If I want a car for the weekend its not going to be a hatch or indeed FWD. I want it to have RWD to really have some weekend fun, so for me its Golf R for everyday use and a sports car for the weekend, you can buy a lot of fun sports cars for the TCR price, that will really make you smile.
  15. I did the same, got them on Ebay, Gloss black, they look so much better than the stock silver. Really easy to fit, and saves the silver ones for when i sell the car....
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