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  1. Matrix2020

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    I did the same, got them on Ebay, Gloss black, they look so much better than the stock silver. Really easy to fit, and saves the silver ones for when i sell the car....
  2. Matrix2020

    2019 Golf R WLTP changes - Definitive list

    I personally can't see how the build quality will be affected, its being built on exactly the same production line and by the same people as the 310bhp car. Some changes due to WLTP yes, but quality, I very much doubt you could tell any difference.
  3. Matrix2020


    Sell them, you should get most of your money back, if you prefer Cadiz over Prets (I do) go with Cadiz..... there is no right and wrong it is just personal choice.
  4. Matrix2020


    Personally i would not wait until the end of the month for VW to look at it. I don't see how a HALDEX issue could cause this, it transfers power to the back so if it failed it would keep the power to the front and the front would be overpowered not the back. You also said it never used to do this so it can only be two issues, tyres or suspension. You say the tyres are all OK (tread and pressure) and as you have not put new ones on I assume they used to be OK?? So that leave a suspension failure, one i would not wish to drive on in winter for the rest of the month. On tyres, especially if its started to happen as its got colder.... my dad had an issue a few years ago when his BM became really tail end happy after a new set of tyres were put on, after checking it turned out they were not meant for the northern European market the compound was too hard and they were for a hot climate, they found out because they did not have the correct EU markings, possibly worth a check, but sounds more like a suspension setup or failure to me if it is regularly 'tail happy'.
  5. Matrix2020

    19 inch wheels turning circle?

    Mine is 18 with DCC, I don't find it too bad, not much different than the standard Mk7 Golf 2.0 Diesel we had. Certainly no issues at all with maneuvering in tight spaces like car parks.
  6. Matrix2020

    Acceleration off the line

    I did not find any difference in the changes to throttle response, but that may be just mine. The biggest difference is putting the DSG in 'Sport' it holds higher revs so the turbo takes a lot less time to give useful boost. For me I just flick the box into Sport if I am at a busy roundabout or junction that I need to make a positive pull out to make sure I can make smaller gaps in traffic.
  7. Matrix2020


    Its a personal choice, Cadiz for me, I like them, easy to clean and, for me, look good. ETTO, get the ones you like, but for me, I would get a decent set of aftermarket rims over Prets if i did not want Cadiz, then you can flog the Cadiz and have a decent set of strong wheels that wont buckle.
  8. Matrix2020

    Approved used after tune

    If you have the right equipment it can be 'adjusted' or as they say 'corrected' and you will not find it. Good specialists know where the secondary storage is and correct it at he same time. The issue with newer cars is that they can be self tracking via GPS and report the mileage of every journey it does (including locations) back to the dealer, these would obviously be easier to check if its clocked as the dealer would have the raw data of every journey the vehicle has done (my Land Rover does this).
  9. Matrix2020

    Dynaudio or no?

    Dynaudio is very good in my car. Miles better than the standard audio that was in my wife's car a few years ago. For the money, new, it is a 'must have' option, second hand..... Not so simple great if you can get it, but for me DCC would be the most important option. Each to their own, for me I could not care less about the wheels.
  10. Matrix2020


    +50BHP, the car can easily handle it.
  11. Matrix2020

    Was this a DSG WTF Moment?

    I must admit, I have not experienced much, if any, 'lag' on take off, even without a pedal box. Mine is a 7 speed so it may be an issue with the older 6 speed. I find Normal is absolutely fine 90% of the time, however if I am approaching a really busy large roundabout a quick kick to 'Sport' ensures its a rapid start for smaller gaps......
  12. Matrix2020

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    But in the real world its not necessarily about pure cornering speed, its the practicality of being able to pull out of a junction in the wet, accelerate out of a roundabout and as more and more roundabouts get traffic lights accelerate around a roundabout. So yes you are right when looking at high speed driving around a track or in sweeping empty country roads, however AWD has a massive advantage in the everyday driving done in towns and commutes especially in damp or wet conditions. All modern cars flatter drivers nowadays, even high power (400+BHP) RWD cars correct for driver errors, infact they are pretty much essential nowadays due to the power available and the way the engines deliver it, and arguably because of the way auto gearboxes can change gear on you mid corner to keep in the power band, again 'spiking' your power delivery.
  13. Matrix2020

    BMW M140i or GOLF R

    FWD bias, not FWD; from VW website: It distributes power between front and rear axles by means of an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, set between the front and rear axles. Sensors detect slip between the front and rear wheels and apply torque to the back pair if the powered front wheels are spinning, until the two axles are moving at the same speed. Electronic pumps regulate the pressure on the clutch plates and as it rises, the plate sets are pressed against each other. Power transmission can be precisely regulated. In extreme situations, it's even possible to send almost 100% of power to the rear. The general principle of the Haldex clutch is to always send the driving forces to the axle with the better traction. In this way, 4MOTION is able to respond swiftly and optimally to any driving situation. However, you still keep the feel of a front-wheel drive car most of the time. In normal driving conditions, 90 per cent of the engine's power is sent to the front wheels, with 10 per cent going to the rear. This results in improved fuel efficiency, compared with permanent four-wheel drive. And there's no risk of torsional stresses on the drive train during parking and manoeuvring. The problem seems not to be RWD, but the fact sooo much power is now going into relatively small and light cars, RWD is struggling to keep up, even with the ever growing driver aids protecting the driver. No surprise future M cars will be AWD, high power, short wheelbase, light RWD cars are a handful in anything but dry conditions. Great for fun weekend cars but not exactly relaxing as a daily run around. Its also not only when driving at 'silly' speeds, a wet roundabout or wet junction will keep your attention in a powerful RWD car!
  14. Matrix2020

    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    For me its all about the engine, not the exhaust. My last car was a 17 Mustang GT with Roush Axel Backs.... the V8 sounds fantastic and I loved it... BUT I could not live with it all the time, I can see why they are going down the road of active exhausts you can make a great sounding engine quiet at the flick of a switch. V6's can sound great as well, but personally, for me a 4 pot should be quiet, it just cant match the V6 or V8 for real sound, the 4 pots can be made to pop and bang but when a real V8 pulls up beside you, you are going to feel quite silly!! If you want exhaust sound, buy a car designed to sound great (V6 or V8 and even the odd 5 cylinder!!), IMHO there is no point in trying to make something sound different to what it really is.
  15. Matrix2020

    How would your rate the Golf R?

    9.5 for me, its a fantastic little car. Primarily due to vfm, not list price but what we actually pay after discount. Only minor issue is I wish the center console swithgear was switched over when they did the Left to Right hand drive changes, switches for mode change are a tad difficult to locate.... (not a real issue, just shows how good the car is). I love the discreet look, obviously I would like more power as standard.... but for the price its a real gem. Being critical I would like manual control over the exhaust flaps, there are times I would like them open and not be in Sports DSG, (I tried them coded open but that was too much for me when driving normally!!).