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  1. I recognise some of those pictures, Just spent a week in Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Bellagio. Superb place.Love Lake Como.But not the prices.
  2. Just put rear foglights on they think you are braking but obviously are not slowing down. so no chance of them rear ending you.
  3. Mini 850 in June 1977 B.S.M .Learnt to drive in a Triumph 2500 PI with overdrive in 3rd and 4th superb car in its day.
  4. I like to buy the latest model,and have done so several times with no problems. Mazda e2200 van T5 Renault scenic 1997 Subaru wrx 2000 bug eye Mazda RX8 2003 Mk 5 R32 2006 Mk6 R 2010 Mk7R 2014 Mk7.5 R 2017 There is something I like about driving the latest model for me.Best tech etc.After all everybody can not buy second hand or there would eventually be no cars to go around.
  5. When I saw this thread I thought it was about swinging
  6. Not just VW just seen a nearly new macan with rusty rear hubs.
  7. Check out testy brothers crying shame
  8. How does 18 or 19 inch wheels make a difference to the turning circle.
  9. Booked my 2nd service next Monday by text really easy.Vertu Nottingham.
  10. Hope it all works out for the best.
  11. mini cabs are very often shared by several drivers very often run 24/7 I would pop round to see the chap to check he was the one driving when the vehicle hit you. It may be the driver was not insured,thats why he didn't stop.
  12. Looks like it has beach buggy wheels fitted.
  13. mines an anagram of events heleye
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