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  1. I have heard of fun bags not fun handles
  2. Cascais near Lisbon up to Porto and back to Nottingham.Done several times.
  3. It’s a 8v mk2 big bumper facelift from around 1990
  4. I think indicators are an optional extra on BMW’S
  5. Drove through tunnels several times best journey was in my mk5 R32.sweet sound.
  6. I caught the Blue train from Pretoria to cape town
  7. Finally got round to painting the rusty hubs.Wheels off and painted with Hammerite silver good as new. Thanks for the heads up Rebecca.
  8. It really depends whether you have a 3 or 5 door,manual or DSG and which colour your car is
  9. makes them appear smaller somehow
  10. Happy holiday and a Happy New Year
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