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  1. Not just VW just seen a nearly new macan with rusty rear hubs.
  2. How does 18 or 19 inch wheels make a difference to the turning circle.
  3. Booked my 2nd service next Monday by text really easy.Vertu Nottingham.
  4. Hope it all works out for the best.
  5. mini cabs are very often shared by several drivers very often run 24/7 I would pop round to see the chap to check he was the one driving when the vehicle hit you. It may be the driver was not insured,thats why he didn't stop.
  6. Looks like it has beach buggy wheels fitted.
  7. mines an anagram of events heleye
  8. I See Reg P7 VWR is for sale at £900 I would be interested in how much it actually goes for.as I have HI VWR and did not pay anywhere near that amount
  9. Does the R wing badge say 300 R?
  10. A golf for Mr Blobby.Bulbous nose and sloping roof line not for me.
  11. its a bit like Marmite.Personally I don't like Marmite.
  12. looks like we are in for a bad spell of whether
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