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  1. Hey, couldn't find a section for this so hope im not missing it. Looking at full wrapping my deep black pearl 7.5 R with certain accents (roof, mirrors, handles, bumper accents, side sills) left black. Wondered if anyone has done anything similar and what colours went for (pictures also if you don't mind) as not sure what way to go with it but I know I want gloss. Swaying more to like silver atm but open really. Don't really want anything to out there as had my previous R32 in a matte metallic blue and don't really want to draw attention to the car just want to change it up for a while with so
  2. Hey, im local to the area also. From my many bad experience's I would steer clear of Driftbridge Epsom, customer service is not the best. From a good review on here I will be trying Lookers Wimbledon for my next service/work which is coming up shortly. Might be worth a shot if not too far for you also. Im sure you have probably made your choice by now (9 months later) or I hope you have hahaha, let us know where you went and feedback as would be interested as live in the same neck of the woods. 👍
  3. Yes my sub is mounted inside spare wheel in boot, its facing up and wheel facing down so easily visible when the boot floor is lifted;
  4. Im sure im the minority, but I love leather seats and they just looked to tame in the Tiguan for me
  5. Looked at buying a Tiguan R, but just not a fan of any of the seat options. They should have modernised the gear stick area like the new golfs have instead of having the big shifter still imo
  6. Still not filled up my golf, have not driven it for 2 weeks 😭, just been using my van until this s**t blows over
  7. Agreed, that's what im betting also. im on half tank on both vehicles so haven't even bothered wasting my time 😂😂
  8. agreed, I have multiple garages near me and wondered if worth sticking to shell V Power as I haven't really been to fussed before. All depends on how im feeling that day, ha
  9. im interested, does V-power make that much of a difference? which is the best version premium fuel available?
  10. nice one on the win, how much was the ticket?
  11. never noticed any squeaking from my sunroof tbh, is this whilst its being opened?
  12. I agree, sunroof is a good option to have (my niece loves it open when she's in the back seat), its quite nicely tinted and also with the manual blind/curtain can block out the majority of light coming through to make it feel like there is no sunroof there when not needed, which I love most of the time.
  13. Welcome from the UK Nuno
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