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  1. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    I thought mine may have been from the arm rest being extend or raised, I will keep checking mine is definitely the rain sensor/mirror housing.
  2. Cleaning under bonnet

    I looked under my bonnet for the first time today and its pretty dusty and dirty. My previous manual was a lot cleaner. Its only got 9.6k on the clock but a dirty girl she is. Whats the best way to clean, I don't fancy jet spraying if it could cause issues. I am a lazy f**k about cleaning and would sooner pay someone to clean it
  3. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    Thats where I wiggled
  4. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    I believe its this, putting the light back nothing, lifting the bonnet having a tap around on the plastic panel under the windscreen made me think its possibly from this. Drove off and still the rattle, starting wiggling the plastic housing that's at the bottom of the rain sensor but stuck to the window, its a bit loose, and moved it around and its seems to have stopped. Will take it to the main dealer as it still has a year on the warranty.
  5. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    Looking at the soundaktor issue now on here, defo looks like it could be. Mine does sound like its coming from under the bonnet behind the dash and when revving up. Although I do notice it when going over potholes. Hopefully it is just the passenger foot well light
  6. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    Thanks, I thought I fixed as the passenger seat wasn't properly clicked into position. But noticed it again this morning, when I parked I noticed the passenger foot well light was hanging out. So I clipped that back in, gonna go take the missus and baby out in a minute for the weekly shop so will see if that was the issue. Whilst I'mm waiting ill look into the soundaktor, as only when its revving up does the rattle happen, so seems possible. Will report back, the rattle give me an excuse to floor it without the missus moaning as I am checking for a fault lol.
  7. DSG Upgrade from manual

    I noticed the throttle response on the DSG is pretty slow on take off, a lot of lag. The manual didn't seem to have this, and was pretty good at taking off, was so easy to stall though.
  8. Wow yeah apr is like double the price for a full remap inc dsg map, yeah ill be doing the dsg for sure as it needs one. Maybe ill just map the dsg for now
  9. Rattle vibration from passenger side

    Funnily enough I had to switch the passenger airbag off the other day for the baby seat to go in the front, which is at the end of the dash. Maybe that has come a bit loos from turning. Thanks
  10. Discolored wheel bolt caps

    Thanks for clearing that up, at first I thought maybe the locking bolts were removed as they had no locking key and they just whacked on some dodgy bolts, then when I got a puncture repaired today I noticed they were caps when I was pumping my tyre before going to the repair shop
  11. Really? I am very handy, technical etc and sure I could do it just fine, I just have no clue about car mechanics. I know this is not under the car bonnet stuff, but I don't feel safe playing around with something I spent 22k on lol. Ill have a look again and maybe give it a go. What the cost of the sub? And the system on the car splits the signal? I don't need amps or crossovers?
  12. Coming close to remapping my DSG to stage 1 Any suggestions in West/Central London area? I was going to get my manual remapped in Kingsbury under a Revo reseller. But the person who bought my Manual didn't speak highly of Revo, and he was an enthusiast. Any other suggestions? Or is a Revo remap perfectly fine?
  13. Discolored wheel bolt caps

    I notice when searching and purchasing my second R that a lot of them have one bolt cap on each wheel discolored in a whitish colour, mine has this also. Every wheel has one cap discolored. Not all of them, but quite a few had this. I know mine was previously owned by a lease company, so thinking about it now the only possible solution is its marked tho show which one is the locking nut. Not sure why this would be needed as all would have to be removed anyway, so doesn't make sense. Maybe when being washed and water drips down once parked? Anyone else got this
  14. Ah so i need to remove panels etc, cant be bothered lol plus I don't want to damage anything in the process. When I sell mine, Ill buy one with it factory installed
  15. Ive noticed today and yesterday, when I'm in 1st or 2nd and put my foot down pretty quick i get a rattling/vibrating noise from the passenger dash side, sound like is around the glove box possible center console area. Ive had these things before but its normally from something in the side compartments on the door rattling, but this is coming from somewhere else. It feels like when the engine revs up the rattling follows it.