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  1. davetherave

    Pulled the trigger, Got an R today

    Yeah I would of paid a grand and 4k worth of mileage on top for the extras you got
  2. davetherave

    Thinking of returning to an R

    In my manual I was driving home from Knightsbridge area around midnight. Roads empty, went up towards High St Kensington. The light before Bulgari hotel at the Junction you have a nice stretch, looked around saw nothing but a addison lee or uber ahead and proceeded to go crazy, even I was surprised at how it performed on that stretch. I got to the lights maybe half a mile up the road and can see blue lights coming from the previous lights I took off at. Didn't think it was for me as they were so far back lol, they pulled up at the side of me and started to talk through the window, "wtf you think your doing, are you crazy, can slow down a bit etc etc etc" I apologized and said Im sorry just got a bit carried away etc, they continued giving me a bollocking but could tell they wanted to go and would of just left it at that. I decided to be a idiot and say should I pull over round the corner, they kind of declined but had no choice as I basically said they gotta do there job, bit stupid as they would have just left, especially when I found out why they were in a hurry. Got out and of the coppers is just looking at my car in awe, mouth open, jaw dropped literally shocked, just shaking his head in disbelief. I said "are you ok, its a powerful car, its hard to resist," he then said dont worry I got a s4, tuned 0-60 in 4.2 blah blah blah, he thought he was the bollocks, i almost pissed my self laughing but had to stop as I didn't want to piss him off, I also was about to say "yeah if I tuned that it will be 0-60 on 3.7 so stick that in tank" but thought best not to and just act sorry. He was still just staring at the back of my car in awe, the other copper ran the license and came back said everything checks out, had a quick word with each other and came back. They said we will put a cad on the vehicle, so if your speeding in this vehicle again you will be getting points, and that they are just going 1 mile up the road as there is a Mercedes wrapped around a lampost, I think they were just shocked seeing my doing that whilst they were heading to that speeding incident. And the fact the copper thought his tuned s4 was decent. Low and behold 1 mile up the road a brand new amg smashed into a lampost, not sure how he managed it but it was a shocking site. But yes the R is a savage, honestly. When you really floor it, its shockingly fast for what it is. A VW golf, sure its not a porchse, ttrs extra, but for what it is, its a beast
  3. davetherave

    Pulled the trigger, Got an R today

    Think the only difference I found with my 14 and 16 plate is the infoaintment was a bit date on my 14 plate, no apple car play etc, anf the screen seemed a bit smaller. Maybe if you have nav on the 14 plate it has the better screen and apple play etc
  4. Depends on how fast I'm driving around the city lol, no but had it come on a couple times even though I was fully aware of the obstruction ahead and in control of the situation. mostly from people turning right with my intention of going around the left of them. Also had it come on from a pesky cyclist or 5 suddenly cutting in front of me, and also the uber eats/deliveroo moped riders have trigger it when they dart out in front of you from a side road or cut in front of you when weaving in and out of traffic.
  5. davetherave

    Pulled the trigger, Got an R today

    I got a Grey DSG 16 plate just under 10k on the clock for 22k. No extras though unfortunately, so mine feels a bit expensive in that sense, but the low mileage and later plate soften it a bit I guess.
  6. davetherave

    Pulled the trigger, Got an R today

    14 I'm guessing by the services, and that another is due
  7. davetherave

    How long will these cars last......!?

    Another great point, electronics seem to be a big problem with most modern cars. Plus holding a car for 10 years the amount of work that will need to be done along the way will add up to a lot of money, it just doesn't seem a financially sound investment for me. If you have money to throw away, then there is no issue buying a car brand new and keeping for 5-10 years or so until you get another new one. Even if I had endless amounts of money, I still do not think I would go down this route. Don't get me wrong, getting a brand new car is a great feeling, and I thought when I got my first brand new car I would never get a used one again, but that soon changed when I started to look at the costs of high performance cars from new, compared to a couple years old. And comparing the depreciation from a new to 2/3 years old and 2/3 years old onwards.
  8. davetherave

    DSG + Hill Hold?

    Ok so could just be a manual thing then, wonder if the 2014 DSG also did this
  9. davetherave

    DSG + Hill Hold?

    Thanks, I am exactly the same here, my manual was a 14 plate, and dsg 16. And is that a year specific feature? Not a manual/dsg one? So if it was a 14 plate DSG I would still need to plug the seat belt in?
  10. davetherave

    Traction control frustration

    Yeah I found the clutch on manual horrible, its not a great clutch. People have said its my driving, or anyone here can say its my driving, but I have always been a manual driver and never had the issues I had with the manual R. Its the main reason, along with the farts I went for a DSG, the amount of times I stalled it going into first was ridiculous, mostly when trying to get a decent take off, and like you say the changes are weird, its had odd delay/emptiness when changing, its hard to describe unless you experienced it. I found it very unpredictable, sometimes was great, sometimes not, when you got a nice take off it was amazing, no lag like you get in the DSG, and so much fun ringing out the gears, but too many negatives. This DSG is the first manaul I have owned, and its also has a few niggles, but its damn amazing, the changes are so slick and perfect, and it really does have a life of its own, it knows when it needs to change, and its always different depending on how your driving. I am intrigued to remap the DSG, I am just worried I will loose some farting power if it changes faster than it currently does.
  11. davetherave

    Pretoria nightmare 😩

    F that, will cost you more paying the excess and renewal
  12. davetherave

    48k miles 2014 - too many miles?

    They never mention that to me, maybe it was included, I know they changed the oil, will need to check the service book and see what the ticked, or call them next week. I noticed since the service it feels a lot smoother Also brake fluid comes up soon for me i think, might be 15k or first MOT, cant remember exactly
  13. davetherave

    How long will these cars last......!?

    Whats the cost of 2-3 years, I am liking my DSG and would like to keep my current R until next year, maybe even longer and remap it for a bit, just wondering how the deprecation is on 2-3 years, I guess its not much more than turning over every 1 year, sure the price will devalue, but your also getting a longer drive out of it. I dont mind loosing around 200 per month as long as I am getting use out of it, no different from leasing.
  14. davetherave

    Previous Owner

    I wouldn't say all non lease are bad, not everyone will get a R on lease and smash the granny out the back of it. Mine is a ex lease, 16 plate with just under 10k on the clock, still not even broken in really. I did a lot of research on it, but with the low mileage and the condition I didnt really have much concern on this, the alloys are mint and tyres not even 50% worn, it had a couple stone chips on the front, and was muddy, nothing a good valet doesnt sort. A big concern with lease is the cosmetic condition, lots of battered alloys, scuffs on the wheel arches, dings and scrapes etc. I will look after my R much better cosmetically than a lot of lease drivers, and I think cosmetic condition speaks a lot of how its been looked after and driven. I wouldn't use that as a rule of thumb, as it could look mint but be hiding something, but generally its a good indication. As long at they dont floor it in race from cold lol
  15. davetherave

    Race Mode

    I like to get one fart if there is space in the road ahead, some dual carriageways can be fun for weaving in a out, but its hit and miss, depends on the traffic flow. Going off any smaller road off most of the M25 you will find some decent roads you can have fun on.