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  1. πŸ˜‚super safe bet that one !!!!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
  2. Thank you πŸ™πŸ™really happy where the car is at now hopefully ill stop spending money on it 🀣🀣
  3. Finally had some decent weather today and took the car out for it's shoot after i'd recently had it detailed and ceramic coated again really stoked with how the day went i've got a million pics ive gotta go though but here are a few of my faves for now chatting with the photographer we have a few more ideas and locations planned in the near future hope you guys like
  4. Thank you it's scheduled for next week now so won't be too far off I may even bring the winglets along and get some pics with and without it on https://windowvisors.com.au/premium-style-bonnet-protector-tinted-glass/ is where you can find the bonnet protector they are also on ebay aswell not sure how much shipping would be but they are very light so hopefully not too bad
  5. Collected my car from the detailer today soooo happy with the results the paint is now flawless unfortunately bad weather cancelled the sunset photoshoot that was planned for it but have spoken with photographer and we have teed up a day later in the week for now here's a quick pic I got before the weather turned nasty ill post up some better ones after the shoot goes ahead
  6. Yep I can't wait to get it back my future washing and care will be alot more careful I got lazy and wanted to just do quick washes without doing my usual 2 bucket method and a few other things to save time in the end I just put swirls and marring all over the paintwork through lazyness. It's actually booked in for a photoshoot after I get it back so ill have plenty of pics to share hopefully the shots will do it some justice
  7. Yeah a full front on shot will change ya mind I think it looks neat and flow's nicely with the front end pardon the pun hahahah head over to the detailing thread and check out it's progress White/Silver is a stunning colour Gtechniq crystal serum ultra is still to go on
  8. I love it mate it looks really good I prefer the subtle sort of look without trying to go to ricey that's why i was a bit torn on the winglets with mine !!! Love the white and black look it's perfection on the R.
  9. My car is in with a detailing friend currently and just got a little progress video of my White/Silver R Have a look at that pearl 😍😍😍😍
  10. Yeah I could only imagine the shipping for even their smaller parts is rediculous here in Australia !!!! once I get my car back ill post some piccys up of the full kit
  11. Sorry for the poor pic but i have the flow designs rear diffuser on mine
  12. It was originally done approx 2yrs ago with cquartz but i don't believe at the time a decent job was done with the application, I was starting to notice areas where beading was becoming non existant and it just wasn't as slick anymore but funny you should say that as Im getting another full correction and having the exact combo as urself done on mine so im really looking forward to the result
  13. hahah don't tell me that after ive removed them hahahah when i get the car back ill get some better pics I wish i took a pic when i dropped it off it had just started to rain and the white/silver was looking soooo good I just didnt have my phone on me but the front end and the rest of the car is looking exactly how I wanted it to was soooo happy with where it's at
  14. Hey mate i have just dropped the car off today to be ceramic coated again ill get you some better front on pics on it's return For now this is the best i have of it but you can't really see much
  15. Removed the winglets today certainly looks cleaner apologies for filthy car and rims
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