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  1. True that, I miss the wing mirror dimming from my Z4. I like the frameless mirror but every so often the jackholes behind me with brights on end up lining them up on the 2-3mm undimmed edge of the mirror and it's a bit of an annoyance. I wonder if the wing mirror glass can be tinted with something like light blue lamin-x to get the same effect of the BMW glass
  2. Delay valve is super simple to remove, atleast it was on my LHD Canadian model. I drove the car about 2-3 weeks completely stock, then about 1 week with the spring removed and last I popped out the insert. Honestly it's so easy to try there's no harm in giving it a shot. It takes well under 30 minutes to do and doesn't damage anything if you just pop the retention clip off the bleed port. No spring and delay valve removal each change the feel in their own way, I was happy with either but happiest with both changed. Tweaking the throttle map in OBD11 also made a huge difference.
  3. Something to go on for sure, but I think those are a big step up in size and wouldn't fit under my wheels year around. Also need to consider piston size but I'll do some background digging. I thought maybe this was a popular fit in Europe and it's not looking that way
  4. Ok I figured some of it out, it's an adapter bracket required to fit them. Nothing too complicated so long as someone can do the calculation on bolt spacing, offset, and radius. It's not as bolt-on as I had first thought but a kit provided by a euro company
  5. Damnit! I knew the info I came across wasn't lining up. I found a set for sale noted as fitting a Golf R/S3.
  6. Has anyone ever tried fitting the Brembo calipers found on Megane RS 275 front end? I'm over in North America and know little of that car at all but word has it that it's an MQB platform and has 340mm x 28mm brake rotors (slightly below our 345 x 30). Is it possible the brackets and calipers would fit straight onto a Golf R to bring some 4-pot goodness to the front wheels?
  7. Varinn

    New Golf R owner

    Thanks for the warm welcome! The paint colour is definitely less common, I almost ended up with a 2017 Limestone (which I still love) but the wife was adamant that I needed to wait another year and it just so happened the 2018's came with all the new paint options. I knew I had to have the orange metallic the moment I saw the paint as an option the website, there was no debate in my mind. It feels good to have never seen another one on the road, and even more so I haven't seen any others in manual and with Pretorias as it looks like most of them came with the spielbergs and a DSG. I'm really liking the car so far, I gave it a couple weeks before I got annoyed with the clutch assist spring and a few days later I also removed the delay valve insert and it's now a great little driver. It easily rivals my Z4M in outright acceleration thanks to the much lower torque band but the adaptive suspension is a nice addition! I'm not used to the FWD bias yet as I've never owned a performance car that wasn't a RWD BMW with aggressive diff and negative camber in the front. I'm hoping to get it out to a trackday sometime next week but I don't know yet if it will happen.
  8. Varinn

    New Golf R owner

    Apparently I registered here a while back but never made any posts. I just got my car a couple weeks ago and I've been hanging out at Vortex and golfmk7 boards but this place looks better so I thought I'd pop over. Delivery took about 7 months for this copper orange 6mt mk7.5. Not planning to do much in the way of any mods aside from some clutch/shifter tweaks and a proper front plate mount but I'll admit... a tune and some other minor tweaks sound appealing. Right now though the car is great for what it is and it's been a phenomenal way to get to work and back and still have fun when I want. The Golf is my first VW after a long line of bmw's, most recently I sold a silver metallic 2007 Z4M Coupe that was used for daily driving with some trackdays in the mix. I still have a heavily tweaked e30 track car and KTM Superduke 990 for the road.
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