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  1. Didn't get the chance to snap a pic with my good cam, here is a pic taken using my phone + quick edit by windows photos lol 😅
  2. to the forums! Always nice to see a wagon, we don't get them here in Bahrain. Enjoy it! Also, thank you i'm craving nuggets now.. 🙄
  3. to the forums! Great color combo 😍 Enjoy it!
  4. to the forums and great job with the tailpipes! Enjoy your new ride 😁
  5. Quicksilver661

    New member

    to the forums! Be sure to check out this thread for all modding related posts. Happy modding!
  6. Quicksilver661

    new user

    Welcome! I just looked up Mallorca, Beautiful island! 🏝️
  7. Quicksilver661


    to the forums! pics please 😀
  8. Welcome to the forums! Congrats on finding the perfect car, welcome to the club 😎 I am not sure about having the exhaust flaps open the whole time.. i believe the feeling to drive on race mode all the time, will fade away, it is always nice to have the option with a button click. Also, when those valves are open, our foot tends to get heavier = more consumption 😅. Of course this is my opinion, in the end it is your ride, enjoy it!
  9. Beautiful pics from everyone! I need to up my game this month, hopefully I'll get a few pics up by tomorrow or the day after
  10. Now i have to scratch one item off my wish list 😓 Really wanted the BCS catback as soon as i get the extra cash.. I personally do not want to map since my R is under 6 years warranty ( 3 + 3) i do not want to ruin that + i'm not looking to upping the performance now, it is more than enough for my daily use and work related commutes. I wanted BCS for better sound and bigger quad tips. I'm sad now Maybe @nige bcs can clarify since it is their system?? P.S. I am at 2k kms on the odo
  11. I thought i'd already submitted my pic, glad i decided to check!
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