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  1. I suggest heating it as suggested above to loosen as much as possible, then try something called Goo Gone. Hope it works out!
  2. This post is a few days late, but i finally got around to write it. So this past Saturday i noticed a slight bump on my passenger side front tire, of course i never faced this before and had no idea what caused it; however i knew it can't be good. A quick search revealed that a major cause of these is usually caused by hitting curbs or falling in potholes, it punctures the inner wall of the tire and the leaked air has no where to escape causing the bump. I also learned that it was a "ticking time bomb" (not sure if its a fact though) which made me panic. Apparently it take a while for the bump to be visible depending on how badly it was punctured, in my case i noticed it on day 3 post falling into the pothole. The pothole that caused this didn't look too bad, but maybe because it was at the end of a mammoth road bump, i assume all the weight was up front and more so on the passenger side tire when it dipped down because the hit felt horrible.. (I went back to take a couple of pics, more on why below) I took the other car immediately and visited the nearest tire shop who did not carry them and couldn't order them for me from his supplier because it was out of stock. I then looked up the Continental tires dealer/agent and rang them up who said they do not have these in stock and can't order them due to the current situation. 🙃 BUT, he said that they have the "contact sport 3" and not the "ContiSportContact 5P" i was looking for. I asked for the difference and he said the only difference is the thread design...🙆‍♂️. Obviously it wasn't the case. In the end it turns out he had 1- yes only 1! in stock and neglected to mention it because he assumed i was looking for a set. So i went back and drove the R over (like a grandma) and managed to swap it out in one piece luckily. Here in Bahrain, you can actually submit a request to the concerned ministry asking for compensation for damages caused by bad roads- in this case potholes. Which is exactly what i did later in the day (my first submission and hopefully last!) along with the pictures. The only update i got was yesterday stating that it is being looked over by the concerned committee.. hope it works out!. 🤞 This is the second tire i replace in about a little over 1.5 years (~14k kms on the clock) since delivery (first time was kinda my fault, but again due to potholes); Which makes me question using this as a daily driver 😓. My questions: Getting new wheels for my R is on my wish list for a while (19" Oz racing Leggera HLT) which weigh almost the same as the stock Spielberg, does wheel weight matter? Would 18" wheels be better given it will add a tiny bit more tire wall? (40 instead of 35) Is this a know issue for Continental tires? If yes, what do you guys recommend instead? (for very hot and humid weather mostly) Thanks for bearing with this rant/post and i apologize for making this longer than it should. Added pics of the tire and the culprit (Excuse the dirty car). *P.S Please take 30secs and walk around your car before driving off for your safety.
  3. This color works so well with black! Even better in 3dr Congrats and welcome to the forums 😁
  4. For ease of use i think nothing beats a wet application, so i suggest Gyeon Wet Coat or Sonax Spray & Seal. you spray on recently washed wheels, hit it with water (preferably pressured) and that's it! All the best! Videos for reference (i tried to forward to the part you need, hope it works lol): Gyeon Wet Coat (Jump to 9:30): Sonax Spray and Seal ( Jump to 9:35):
  5. Coincidentally, I was searching the forum a couple of days ago looking for OEM+ options for brakes; i was wondering if you were considering the Clubsport S brakes? They are OEM, relatively inexpensive, ~1Kg lighter/disc and a direct replacement to the stock R front discs, might help with your insurance issue? The only downside is you wont have a matching pair in the rear. I also recommend having a look at this thread as it was very informative for me personally (sorry I'm not sure how to embed the thread like some other members do 😅) : https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/34541-performance-brakes-but-not-bbk/#comments All the best!
  6. It's been a while since i posted here, here goes!
  7. Didn't get the chance to snap a pic with my good cam, here is a pic taken using my phone + quick edit by windows photos lol 😅
  8. to the forums! Always nice to see a wagon, we don't get them here in Bahrain. Enjoy it! Also, thank you i'm craving nuggets now.. 🙄
  9. to the forums! Great color combo 😍 Enjoy it!
  10. to the forums and great job with the tailpipes! Enjoy your new ride 😁
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    to the forums! Be sure to check out this thread for all modding related posts. Happy modding!
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    Welcome! I just looked up Mallorca, Beautiful island! 🏝️
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    to the forums! pics please 😀
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