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  1. How much will you be selling this for? Send me a pm might be interested!
  2. i tried to get a quote for fitting my springs & everything was above £400.. Im in south west London so i tried everywhere in London & close by, apparently 4.5 hours labour to do springs.. which i find ridiculous, i ended up doing them my self took 3hours absolute max.. you should question them how long it takes to do them & you'll hear them stuttering away.. one garage was saying 1 hour per corner & i said why does it take an hour to do the rear springs, surely on a ramp you can do it in 20mins a side max 30, the chap didn't know what to say - this was a garage in west London i don't recall the name. anyway if you don't want to do it your self id recommend trying a garage up north, i got quote some really good prices i just didn't have the time to go up there, CLP Tunning are reputable or LSG Tunning or even Awesome GTI, all should be able to give you incomparable prices to London 'specialists'.
  3. I thought it was when you let go of the throttle?
  4. Imagine a constant annoying deep tone humming sound at high revs 3kish n above when you let go of the throttle
  5. I’m up for it! We should get a few more people would make it even better! Although your exhaust is going to sound mint! You fitted the system or doing it later on today?
  6. It’s a basic pipe, was told mandrel bent ones are the ones you should get as it’s less drony & better flow but I can’t say if it’s true or not lol plus would take a real [emoji851] with proper scientific tests to prove it so yeah.. the guy up from up north does them at £70 delivered, would then just be the case of getting fitted which would work out nearly the same as what your getting quote but at least you’ll know it’s good quality pipe [emoji848] which probably doesn’t make a difference but yeah lol
  7. Lol if only.. haha London prices are ridiculous mate, I went to a reputable mod garage well a few diff ones, one in Notting hill, another Hayes, other Hounslow, didn’t even bother with any other it was disgusting, managed to get my local garage to let me use their ramp with an extra hand & only paid a 2 figure sum even though I had to wait 2 weeks for when he wasn’t that busy..
  8. You’d be surprised mate I was getting stupid prices to have my springs fitted.. i’m talking in excess of £400+... lol
  9. Up north I think it’s £90 fitted for res delete, it would be worth if you’ve got more things to be done so it wouldn’t just be one job done, need to speak to Shak for res dele, or catch a second hand one on here
  10. Yeah I’m on the Facebook page, did reply on the post haha I’m under I Mendes Gois. I wouldn’t bother with loads of sealants/waxes though mate just pick one & double coat it, I’ve got Fusso ceramic based wax sealer or which ever their fancy name & it works wonders! Super shiny easy application & buff off, 3 months still proper beading.. [emoji41] most people on the detailing page I’m say 6-12months duration depending on washes & weather of lol I did want to ceramic coat it straight away but don’t have an empty garage to store it until it’s fully cured & as English weather is.. never dry especially throughout winter so this Fusso stuff kind of ticked all boxes [emoji1419]
  11. Put some latex gloves on, clay bar it, get those polishing pads out & give it some more loving! Although I’d say wait until it’s warmer probably so you can give it a ceramic coat.. [emoji1419]there was a guy on Facebook that done a ceramic coat on his red R & looked foooooking stunning [emoji7][emoji85] I cant wait to do it to mine, it’s got some swirls but they’ll be easily removed with 2 stage polish
  12. You mean by the bootlid? That seems to gather the dust & when it rains just looks even worst on the white[emoji85] I do try to wash it at least every 3 weeks sometimes earlier [emoji23] washed it nearly every week in December though! [emoji85]
  13. That photo is a real heart break [emoji85] but on the blue at least you can’t see the road dust straight away & easier to polish back up on normal light, I guess on white you can’t see the swirls on daylight only with a spotlight you can see them which it kind of makes it a catch 22 haha
  14. Thanks man I’ll be honest I was leaning more towards the lapis blue but this one came up & has grown on me! Although I do feel like I’m always washing it as you can see it straight away when it’s dirty haha [emoji38]
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