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  1. What would the CP actually mean then if you have this removed it would make car play work?
  2. Oh so the retrofit is not basically just fitting the original system on the current one? It’s another way?
  3. Unfortunately I don’t have the virtual screen, even though I’m contemplating having it retro fitted! But that’s a good point you’ve just made, one of the reasons I like the virtual screen is because of the map on it looks real nice!
  4. I don’t understand why they skimp out on just offering car play as standard, I rented a ford on holiday n it had car play! [emoji23] it’s crazy unbelievable VW ya need to step up your game! Ripping ppl off for something that should already be there haha mind you Audi & Mercedes are the worst on this [emoji1787]
  5. £242 to activate this! That’s nuts [emoji85] I mean not shit loads but for a plug-in service really shouldn’t be that much surely! I can live without it as I already have the nav & checked very similar route as Waze so not a must need kind of thing. I know up north there’s the retro fit people which could probably do it & do it for cheaper but no one in south that can do this?
  6. Hey everyone, I’ve got a 2017 R non facelift (Yh I no I missed it by a few months!) & it has the nav/voice activation button but doesn’t have Apple car play, it does have app connect so I was wondering if this would be a simple activation as it says on the screen or the more complicated change of usb plug from the cubby tray on the front? I’ve read a lil on this & i find mixed responses? picture of my interior [emoji1687]also if it’s just an activation is there anyone near south west London that could do it? +price please thanks!
  7. 28 - flooring specialist, repair, sand polish wood & stone floors/surfaces also do car polishing :-)
  8. Garmin Fênix 5S - mainly because I spend too much time doing running & CrossFit [emoji23]
  9. Passed mine in a Yaris [emoji38]
  10. These are no doubt the best springs for daily use & drop, haven’t tested on track yet but seems to handle it self well around corners. I’ve got a mate with vwr springs he was happy at first but now complains they are slightly crashy as well so having experienced the ST springs I didn’t want to risk it & to be honest they are only £70odd more than the vwr..so for the sake of a few quid more I’d just go straight EmmanuelD
  11. I think there’s a company that does something along those lines already but mainly seat covers - they actually look good! [emoji23]
  12. So after I’ve done enough posts I still need to add a slip of paper with my user name & date? I’d need to take the coils out of the garage to photos again with a paper if that’s the case [emoji85]
  13. If you have a roof wrap you’d have to have the full roof done otherwise then it would defo no look right, there’s a guy on insta that done his I think it looks well good
  14. Oh I see! Lol I’ve been a member for a while but not been as active I guess! Thanks!!
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