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    However long you've spent in a phychiatic hospital, I've been there longer....

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  1. Ah. Small man syndrome.... I bet you wear a Seiko and buy your suits from Next 😂
  2. Yeah. They meet in the Lidl car park and compare haircuts 😂
  3. Yeah but you'd hardly get a VW meet. It would be like a meeting of Marks and Spencer shirts. And just as interesting 😂
  4. 100% warranty claim. Shit quality wheels like BMWs. New wheel that one.
  5. No such trouble here in Spain. Motorways lightly trafficked. Easy to cruise 140 - 150kph😊
  6. Yeah. I noticed one or two hairy women around here 😂
  7. Fook! Wouldn't you know a VW forum contains a bunch of shed draggers 😂
  8. I can just see you towing a nice two wheeler. 😂
  9. I know people that have divorced for less.....
  10. Do you have a caravan?
  11. Relagates you to the cheap seats.........😂
  12. What a cnut you are! 😂😂😂
  13. The royals pay income tax of course.
  14. I believe the royal family pay for some of it
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