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    However long you've spent in a phychiatic hospital, I've been there longer....

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  1. Nick the Greek

    Talk me out of buying a Mk 7.5!

    Ah. Small man syndrome.... I bet you wear a Seiko and buy your suits from Next 😂
  2. Yeah. They meet in the Lidl car park and compare haircuts 😂
  3. Yeah but you'd hardly get a VW meet. It would be like a meeting of Marks and Spencer shirts. And just as interesting 😂
  4. Nick the Greek

    Wheel warranty?

    100% warranty claim. Shit quality wheels like BMWs. New wheel that one.
  5. Nick the Greek

    Motorway speed limits

    No such trouble here in Spain. Motorways lightly trafficked. Easy to cruise 140 - 150kph😊
  6. Nick the Greek


    Yeah. I noticed one or two hairy women around here 😂
  7. Nick the Greek


    Fook! Wouldn't you know a VW forum contains a bunch of shed draggers 😂
  8. Nick the Greek


    I can just see you towing a nice two wheeler. 😂
  9. Nick the Greek


    I know people that have divorced for less.....
  10. Nick the Greek


    Do you have a caravan?
  11. Nick the Greek

    My Neighbours seem to be Upgrading..

    Relagates you to the cheap seats.........😂
  12. Nick the Greek

    Sound & sports pack (GTD)

    What a cnut you are! 😂😂😂
  13. Nick the Greek

    Sound & sports pack (GTD)

    An oxymoron 😂
  14. Nick the Greek

    Royal wedding

    The royals pay income tax of course.
  15. Nick the Greek

    Royal wedding

    I believe the royal family pay for some of it