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  1. Is your R the dsg I’ve had my 7.5 stage 1 done by revo much better performance,but 7th gear is really weird it vibrates the car if I put in 7th.im trying to get revo stage 111 but nobody can do it revo don’t have a turbo and won’t let tuners outsource a turbo.this is what I’m told anyway
  2. Hi all does anyone know if the obd11 works with 2018 7.5
  3. Hi all I have a 2018 7.5 r and I took it to have the high beam assist activated and they couldn’t do it they said they couldn’t get into stm come back in 3 months were by which time there would be a patch and he would be able to do it is this the norm or should I try somewhere else ???
  4. I have the DPB sometime I question my choice of colour but once I’ve cleaned and polished her no regrets love it
  5. gjames

    Ceramic Coatings

    I’ve just booked mine in for ceramic coating I’m up for doing most things myself but have heard to many horror stories so getting to done by company
  6. I have dynaudio stm in car it’s awesome haven’t heard standard so can’t compare
  7. Does anyone know how I can get my dynamo. Lighting activated I’ve tried local tuner but he said he couldn’t access the stm he said all earlier r are not a problem but the 2018 he can’t access he said wait 3 months and should be able to do ?
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