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  1. I had a massive issue with brembo products from eurocarparts and had to return them as the word crap was an understatement but thankfully Euro’s gave me my money back and I have genuine on the car. Issues where pads rattling in the carrier both front and back, the discs had pin hole dimples in them and when pushing cooked them after 4 hard braking points.
  2. I don’t think it was offered to customers in this country.
  3. On my last car I used the club sport s setup so may just use again.
  4. Good shout on brake fluid and spending more and more time on the simulator.
  5. Okay guys going Nürburgring this year and want recommendations for disc and pad combos as I want to use them on the road to get a feel for them and possibly have a spare set of pads in case I run into trouble. Cheers
  6. So all in all there okay with 19” on then 😁 thanks for the replys
  7. Sorry guys should have said I don’t have dcc and I’m on Cadiz with Goodyear tyres.
  8. Hello people, what do the mk7 R’s ride like on 19”s. Opinions much appreciated
  9. Thought I would jump on and start sharing the updates with my car. Bought it standard a little over a month ago and have done the following Racingline r600 intake Racingline r600 turboelbow Racingline oil water dipstick and oil filter housing Ecs res delete Rs7 spark plugs powerflex dogbone insert
  10. I find my dsg I’m in a 7r with the 6 speed useless first thing in the morning when cold once it’s warmed up tho it’s great my only complaint would be that the 6th is to short so at 70mph it’s at 2500rpm.
  11. Dezthestig

    My Golf R

    So how to start this, I have come from a 2014 Skoda Octavia vrs tsi dsg 318 bhp stage 1 and was I’ll with chasing power that it didn’t really like so just after Christmas took the plunge and bought a 2015 5 door golf r in midnight blue, got satnav, heated seats and 11k on it. so far I’m in love the effortless power, the Awd grip and the whole package is just more focused on driving. Few mods already done are full r600 intake, gfb dv+, ecs resdelete, racingline oil water dipstick oil filter and rs7 plugs will be looking into stage 1 Ecu and tcu some time this year.
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