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  1. Very nice! Similar spec to what I want to go for only Pure White instead of Lapiz. What do you think of the feel of the seat material @Northern Monkey? Heard some varying comments on the quality. I like the look and can’t afford the leather, so just a case of being happy with it I suppose!
  2. Before anyone mentions comfort, I'm purely talking looks! No doubt prohibitively expensive, but really nice! Having 22" wheels on our Volvo XC90, I would never go for the largest wheels again; even with the Pro air suspension they thud through every imperfection. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-driven/volkswagen-tiguan-r-ph-review/43950
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I’ve come from a previous history of Japanese hot hatches, then Fast Ford, with a 2013 Golf GTi and some BMW family cars in between. My last hot hatch pictured. Always fancied an R and having toyed between a 7.5R and an 8R for the last few months, joining here has finally convinced me the 8 is the way forward and best suited to me - looks sophisticated, I like tech (so the interior is a plus despite its foibles) and has the get go to match. The only issue is the price, so I’m going to have to resist my usual full options default and look more at essentials: Colo
  4. Hi, absolutely lovely spec! 8R envy from a prospective buyer later in the year... With reference to the tyres - the Goodyear are excellent in this regard as I had them on previous BMWs and the rims didn't take anywhere near as bad a beating as any car I've had without, so definitely no bad thing. Overall performance was excellent too. Gary
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