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Found 4 results

  1. So, as I have written on here before. My gearbox works fine but epc and engine light are on with fault code “Lost communication to TCM”. This is very unlikely an actual problem as the gearbox works perfectly fine. Anyways, could any of you recommend anyone who could code the gearbox in for me or Could any of you (living around the Manchester, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire region) Code it in for me. If you know prices of anyone leave them on here. Thank you.
  2. Having used an *ahem* dodgy clone of VCDS many years ago, and knowing that that clone wouldn't work with my new '16 plate Golf MK7 R, I thought - what the heck, let's give OBDEleven a try. Now, it's Android only, and I don't have any Android kit !! - I prefer Apple stuff , so... 20 quid Android 5.x tablet off fleaBay €52 for the OBDEleven dongle with the PRO activation (coding etc etc). It all arrived this morning, and the app was a doddle to get set-up and working. So - out to the car.... Connected the Tablet to my Garage WIFI (don't ask, I'm a bit of a geek!) Plugged in the dongle into the OBD port, and paired the dongle to the tablet via Bluetooth. Launched the App, registered the dongle activation code with the App to enable the Pro features. The App does an initial scan of the car, to work out what's installed, and check for fault-codes. Once done (took about 4 minutes), you get a list of your modules and any faults that may be stored. From there, it's a case of going into the module you want, select "coding" or "adaptations" - the app downloads the necessary data for that module, and you get the details that you need. Adaptations are a little different than VCDS - the naming conventions are slightly different, and channels are "grouped" into functional units. It's actually pretty good, and keeps things clean. You just have to go hunting for the channel you need. So far, I've managed to turn on Traffic Signal Recognition (via the lane change camera), HVAC fan leds, XDS to strong, and the re-fill quantity gauge. Took about 15 minutes end-2-end. Cleared any residual faults, and it's job done. If you're not interested in data logging etc (which I understand is coming soon), and you can cope with Android, go for it - it's £hundreds cheaper than the official VCDS, and from what I can see so far, it does exactly the same job.
  3. So I have a 7.5 with the akrapovic and vagsport rea delete. Have had the flaps coded open for a few months now but the drone on long journeys is doing my head in lol. I’ve searched everywhere and watched all relevant videos but I can’t find a solid answer on how to code the flaps back to normal? Any help greatly appreciated, thanks
  4. Carly for VAG Hey Guys, I know there is a coding sub-forum, but they seem specific to ODB Eleven & VCDS. Wondered if anybody has used Carly for VAG? Android APP / http://www.mycarly.com/product/vag-app/ I have used the BMW version on my previous 325i E90, and it was great. Coded loads of little things without needing to get nitty-gritty with a laptop. As with the BM version, its pricey @ £40. I am going to give the free version a go later today, but wondered if anybody already had the paid version and seen what it can do? Cheers -Peter
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