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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Can someone help me to find a place/store to buy a original akrapovic exhaust system for my 2018 Golf R 7.5?. I have been trying to find one but no success, I really want it but my Golf R is the American version so we didn’t got them. please help thanks
  2. Warning this may be a boring TL;DR post, hopefully someone finds interest or googles down the line this dealer. I have been looking for a Golf R for weeks now, and finally settled on a car to purchase. The car in question was from: Vertu Volkswagen, Mansfield. AutoTrader Link: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201807318974438 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 Tsi R 3Dr Dsg Petrol Hatchback+KEYLESS+REAR CAMERA+ACC+ I spoke to them on Friday and asked a series of questions regarding the car, I won't go through them all but 2 of the main questions were: What is the condition of the paintwork like? Response: Yeah great, brilliant no problems. What is the condition of the alloys like? Response: Great condition After speaking to them about previous owners, TD1 flag, service history etc etc everything seemed great. So, I managed to haggle them down to £20,600 and agreed in principle I would purchase today, Saturday. This is where I was stooopid... the chap on the phone said faster payments on a Saturday might not go through until the Monday, so it might be best to pay in full in advance, so I could drive off Saturday without issue. I did this On the knowledge that it's a VW dealer, I have distance selling traders act on my side and that a dealer would not have lied regards the state of the car. Saturday comes, today and I catch the train to Mansfield, £14.10 saves family or friends driving 100 miles there and then back. The dealer said they would pick me up on the train station and true to their word they probably would have but my battery died on my phone during the train journey, so I had to get a Taxi to them, my problem no issues there. I rock up at the dealers at around 11:30 and once greeted by the front desk it wasn't a long wait to see Ashley the chap I had been dealing with. Meet and great over with and his next words were, we have a slight problem... Right ok, what's that I say, and he says its better he shows me. We walk over to the car and he points out a significant scratch on the o/s rear panel by the fuel cap, this scratch was down to the metal and it has less worse off scratches either side. I think to myself I can live with that if they re-spray, and then he continues to show me the alloys, which 3 out of the 4 looked f*cking terrible. Scraped to f*ck, excuse my language. He insists they can get those re-furbed and looking like new. At this point I want to check the car over in its entirety and ask for him to get the keys. Off he goes to get the key.... Now the car is that dirty, how they had the cheek to hand it over to me like it I don't know but with all the dust and dirt it's hard to make out what are scratches and what will rub off. I find more scratches which would probably polish out on the boot and LOADS of stone chips on the bonnet. I point these issues out and he says the bonnet stone chips are expected and they won't re-spray the bonnet, they can touch them up, but you'd expect these chips in the bonnet for a car this age and it won't look like new once touched up. I get inside the car and its again not been cleaned or valeted, I notice a big scratch in the o/s doors carbon fibre trim and he says they cant replace that trim it would have to be the whole panel and with all the other repairs they are doing, thats going too far. Trying to sum this up but give enough detail, for people to make their own judgements and be impartial. Test drive went well, the car mechanically seemed fine. At this point we've agreed to have the alloys re-furbished, paintwork blended in and resprayed on o/s rear, stone chips touched up. They have already offered to deliver it to my home address or work address 100 miles away once completed and pay for my train journey home. At this point I am reluctantly going along with all the repairs and this deal, as in my heart I want an updated car ASAP and it drove like stink plus the DSG was pretty fun even though I have been looking for a manual. We get to the point where we are signing contracts and remember at this point I have already paid the base price of the car, and when we go through all the hard sell options they like to add on and I say no to them. I get him to email me a list of corrections required to the car before I am happy to accept ownership and complete the distance selling act issue as I won't know until I see it repaired if I am happy and he puts this together and he goes off and sorts the paperwork. At this point I can hear a colleague of his arguing the toss with a customer on the phone regards the Das WeltAuto NO QUIBBLE exchange policy. The conversation didn't seem very professional or understanding for a customer on the phone and it seemed like that customer was not getting what they wanted with blunt answers (only heard one side of the conversation but it was from an unsympathetic one) Ashley comes back with the paperwork and I mention all there is to do now is to find me a train home please, and he asks what my interpretation of that was, and I state well you guys said you'd get me home today seeing as I should of been driving home in my new car by now, but instead I need to get the train and to the train station, and the ticket alone will be £41. He then states they cant deliver the car to my home, do all the repairs and pay for my train home this is going too far and I need to meet them halfway on the train fair issue. This got my back up 😡, because at this point I've arrived to a car not in the condition advertised, I've been accommodating thinking yes i'll have to wait but they are going to repair these issues, I haven't showed off that they didn't clean the car or prep it for sale correctly, I've since overheard a colleague of theirs be a little un-professional on a car regards the Das WeltAuto no quibble exchange policy and after all this they now want to quibble on £41 train fair. At this point my gut feeling about the purchase and everything proceeding this made my HEAD switch gears from my HEART and I pulled the plug on the purchase, asking them to return my funds. Ashley goes away and speaks to someone (head sales advisor I am guessing) he comes out and explains they dropped the price for me £400, they are having to do these repairs £150 for alloys, So much for body work, £250 for car delivery and at this point they aren't making much of a profit. Now in my mind, its not my fault all these repairs need doing, and its not my fault they need to deliver it when it should of been prepped and ready. Its not my fault they dropped the price. The only thing I am at fault of is paying up front and getting the train up and trusting their word on its condition. I didn't get angry and I dont know how but I Kindly asked that my funds were returned and we amicably part ways as this day has not turned out as expected, I took the issues in good stead up until a point and the straw that broke the camel's back is my faith and trust in your word. Arguing over the train fair didn't give me much hope in good repairs and good after sales with any other more expensive issues. I've missed bits out but this has been long enough, can fill in the blanks if anyone actually reads this, NOW Am I being a nit picky bastard and stupid, or am I in the right? and was I justified to bail on this car? it drove great btw Has anyone been to this dealer before? In fairness to the head sales guy he was professional and so was Ashley, and the head sales bloke said to send him the bill for my train fair regardless of no purchase, *but then again that could of been me just interrupting him incorrectly😂) I've been told I need to wait 3-5 days for my money back, will get actioned Monday, so I have no funds until then to pull the trigger on another R. I am so close to getting a lease deal, but with 3dr's not being made anymore or at least thats what ive heard maybe I cant. If you've got this far... thank you, thank you please reply
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