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  1. I've been looking at intercoolers a lot lately as I want one for my S3 to go stage 2. Looked at the cheapies (direnza , mtc , etc) and then the higher ones. APR really expensive ! Wagner and Racingline seem to be around the same and Airtec are around £550. With very little hard evidence to support the cheaper ones (like for like setups , software etc) I decided just to ask the likes of MRC what they've seen and what gave the best results. Wagner was the answer they gave. I'll probably bite the bullet and go for a new Wagner as they almost never come up second hand. Anyone got the Airtec ? How does it perform ? Chris.
  2. Hi, Still selling your R?

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    2. Scullyroo


      Could you link me to some photos and full info on its status at the moment?


    3. Scullyroo


      sorry, I had you confused with a different car i was looking at. Whereabouts are you, would i be able to come and look at the car?


    4. bowie


      I'm in South Wales mate. Merthyr Tydfil. Yeah , no problem coming to see it. Probably be next weekend now though. Let me know.

  3. yeah. From Merthyr. Thought I recognised Capitol and the car wash at Troedyrhiw. Chris.
  4. ^^^^^Think you'll find that reflex silver 3dr DSG cars are the fastest Chris.
  5. Spoke to the guy from ghostknit a while ago and told me that the sale of these had now been handed over to Racingline USA. Last I looked they were available on USP motorsport. Search carbon lip on there. Chris.
  6. Hi, lowest you will take on the downpipe ?

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    2. bowie


      It's gone via my works FedEx account. I'm not at work today but I'll see if I can get one now. Should be there today.

    3. bowie


      go on fedex site mate. Look for the domestic shipments box and the number is 09872265734. Showing out for delivery this morning.

    4. ajthird3


      Thats perfect mate, thanks

  7. Quick question too , how are people cleaning the silver inserts on the seats ? Just interior shampoo ? Suede brush ? Chris.
  8. If it's got Bluetooth the control unit will be under the drivers seat. Chris.
  9. My mates a VW tech so me and him did it. Just knowing how things come apart really. Try and find someone like that ? Or youtube and have a go yourself. Most fiddly bit is getting the drivers seat out. Chris.
  10. if you look at the 7P6 kits on the carsystems site they all do audio streaming. Mine was a K revision and does it. I've a RCD510. All the phone menus work fine and on the MFD. Chris.
  11. Depends what you want to spend doesn't it ? I bought the kit from carsystems.pl for mine. IIRC it was £200 ish. Microphone was already installed. I think all R's have the mic already there. Comes with the foam insert and everything you need. Most of the newer versions support bluetooth audio streaming too. Front seat out , sill trim off and headunit out. Then fish all the wires through to where they need to go. Bit of coding and job done. http://www.carsystems.pl/golf-6-bt,tag.html Chris.
  12. It's on the standard map at the moment but was on a custom map by a guy from South Wales. He's done all my cars previously. Looking for a boost leak bung to check for leaks now too. Chris.
  13. Evening all , I've had a misfire on cylinder four for the last few weeks and I'm trying to pinpoint the cause. It happens high up at between 5500 & 6500 rpm. A bit random but there most of the time. Done the ususal stuff like swap the plug and coil pack from 4 to 1 to see if the misfire moves with them but it stays on 4. Compression test next and then probably an injector. I've recently put a Loba pump on and an RS4 FPV and wondered if the extra rail pressure was causing the misfire or just exposing a weakness in the injector. I've put the standard map back in too just to rule that out. Bit of an odd one though that I can't say I've noticed before is that , on idle , one tailpipe blows hot and the other stone cold ! I'm fairly sure that they've both been hot in the past. Very odd as the gases come up the same pipe to the rear muffler ! I've also read to check the intake runner on the manifold for cracks as this can also cause a misfire. Is there much else I can check or has anyone had this before ? Its coming up with the random misfire code and the cylinder 4 misfire on VCDS. Cheers , Chris.
  14. My standard catback is open on idle mate. Chris.
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