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  1. They've been on a while but only got a snap today after a quick wash. They're genuine BBS CH 028's from an Audi S4. Had them painted the same colour as the inner part of the Audi rotor wheels - the paint colour escapes me atm.
  2. £149 was great value for a 10k oil service. Repeat to convince yourself. Better than the £204 quoted by Milton Keynes VW.
  3. We had the 'Reverse gear not available' error message last week, also no ACC. Switched off and back on and all was well again. The car was due its first service so got them to check it at the same time and after a day or so wait, VW advised the dealer to fit a new 'box. from a little research, it seems this message has meant, in all cases I've seen, a new gearbox is needed. Are there many on this site that have had the same issue? Just wandering how common it is. I'm just glad it's under warranty! I'm new to VW and DSG's but is such an error common? I quite like the car and although on lease like most, we may keep it afterwards or finance a new one with a bit more spec at the end. cheers Matt
  4. Aint that the truth!! It looks awesome in good light, I'm gonna try and get some decent snaps in dayight as it was getting dark by the time these were taken... Yeah, I was lucky this time!
  5. The golf is now 3600 miles old and hasn't seen much in the way or washing since it's first bath back in October when we picked it up. As I've been off on paternity leave and things are quite chilled indoors, I spent about 4 hours on the Golf today. It was sorely needed and I feel a bit bad leaving it so long but where we live it's a bit akward getting all the kit out. Anyway, not many during photos of what went on but basically, Power Max TFR to start x 2, 2BM wash, clay, iron x, snow foam, towel dry, Fusso to top. It was wearing AF Desire but thought I'd try the Fusso on it. Exhaust done with the britemax twins. Here are the pics: To start: From one panel... At least all 4 work... 50/50 Finished Pics Hope you like. Cheers Matt
  6. 1x black on the H3, 2xLapiz around H5/H6 as well as a dirty white one. Spotted by a 5dr pure white 7R driving monkey.
  7. Picked ours up yesterday and drove the 80 miles home. Gave it a quick (4hr) bath including a decon, wash, wheel seal, wax and glass seal. Asked it not to be washed but there are some very minimal swirls so it must have had something at some point. Went t take some photos but it was getting a bit dark so it wasn't the best light-wise.
  8. After having recently parted with an e46 M3, I was quite active on the relevant forums and the consensus was that Michelin Pilot Super Sports were the proverbial daddy. I would imagine they might perform similarly well on the 7R.
  9. Not that it will help those still waiting but exchanged a few emails today and collection of our R booked in for next Saturday!
  10. Might be a daft question, but who actually makes these? They appear very similar the to D2 BBK on my e46 M3 but with a few small changes.
  11. My Order Date Ordered - 22/06/14 Estimated BW 39 Date due to Collect - October First 4 digits of Order Number 2437 Dealership - Cheltenham Volkswagen Gearbox - DSG Doors - 5 Paint - Pure White Optional Extras - DCC Matt
  12. If its 2 or 3, have you tried the normal remedies? Fallout remover such as iron x, tar remover for sticky stuff like Tardis and a claying to catch anything else removable? Finished off with a wipe down with IPA or something like carpro eraser? Or is it that these are being thought of as the reasons for the damage? If so, ignore me! Edit: the bits at the bottom, not the white blobs look like water marks to me. Carpro spotless to the rescue.
  13. Is it best to call or email these guys? I would advise giving them a call and speak to Paul Hendry, really helpful chap. Got a quote myself today which was pretty good. A few things I've noticed on the responses above vs the answers I got: 1. The car can be delivered if required. 2. Showroom collection is fine, he can even arrange to leave it untouched after PDI if you plan on detailing it yourself. 3. Pence per mile is 6p 4. You can overpay on the deposit if you wish to attract lower monthlies. Cheers Matt
  14. Has anyone dealt with VW in Milton Keynes for a lease deal? I think I'll be in touch with the dealers above if not as decision time is looming!
  15. Cheers, it's a good un and I'm torn about letting it go but both me and the Mrs like the R so it's a good time to change with the deals right now.
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