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  1. My brake pads have about the same wear and the discs are scored and corroded due to not being driven for a long period. The VW garage said don’t worry about it, only replace them when they’re down to next to nothing, or if they lose performance significantly. They feel fine atm. I actually asked them to change them and they said don’t waste your money.
  2. If it’s a creaking noise, search for creaks and you may find the answer. I posted a fix a while back which also worked for someone else, but it took a bit of a journey to my dealership to sort it.
  3. It also acts as a fantastic can opener in extremely hot weather. Whereas aircon takes quite a while to lower the temperature of a blisteringly hot dark coloured car, opening the roof is like uncorking a champagne bottle 😁. Also, I like to run aircon full blast on hot every now and then with the roof open on a cool day, as it gives it a good clean out...definitely gets rid of any moisture on damp days.
  4. I had this. After several visits when it had begun to sound like a bag of nails, VW discovered that it was the steering wheel airbag. Replaced, cured.
  5. I didn’t spec a sunroof on my first R hatch and deeply regretted it, having always had one before. I had one in the next R hatch, phew, but it was tiny. I’ve now got the R estate and its gorgeous pano roof. It’s properly ‘pano’, giving loads of sky. There’s remarkably little wind noise...I keep it open until I hit 70mph ish. It’s open at the first hint of blue sky...heater on, DSG farts...and the bonus is that I can no longer hear the rattles!
  6. The servicing and (warranty) repair costs of my 3 yr old R are very nearly equal to its current value already!!
  7. Omg that is FANTASTIC! Looks like they spent some effort tracking it down. So glad it’s sorted 😊
  8. It’s considerably cheaper to buy a new 7.5 than a used one atm. DTD, Orangewheels and even Carwow easily beat all of the Das Welt offerings of the 7.5 R Estate as they’re as rare as hen’s teeth, particularly with all the options. That’s partly what made me so annoyed about the PX price, knowing that they’d make a killing re-selling it. Anyway I did a bit of car shopping, and yet again anything else is a disappointment to drive, so it’s a keeper for the time being.
  9. I was thinking the same 😁. Mine was younger with almost every option known to VW, total bill £28k. Did I miss out on the most successful salesman’s ever £20k “Lifeshine”?
  10. Similarly I was quoted £14-15k on my 2015 R estate, 33000 miles, FSH, leather, electric seats, Nav, DCC, DLA, lane assist, rear camera, sunroof, Dynaudio, PX against a 7.5. Anything other than another R went out of the window when I got this paltry quote, and a few days later I realised that I’m going to have to put up with the rattles for a while longer until the depreciation curve has flattened out. I bought the car for £28k in 2016, 6 months old with 4000 miles, ex Porsche dealership manager supplied by VW. I guess £13k depreciation over 3 years isn’t actually so bad, but it’s more the fact that an astoundingly good car can only be worth £15k is a joke. That I don’t accept so I’ll keep it.
  11. It seems that there’s quite a lot that’s budget under the veneer of R loveliness, as my warranty claims record shows. And as for the rattles...
  12. I must say, as VW alerts go, they certainly do add some inappropriate drama to the most innocuous of situations! Yet for something like lane assist there’s virtually nothing if you start to fall asleep...no colourful exclamation marks, no mysterious codes..just some measly little white words. I always think there should be a blast of music 😁
  13. It’s a blown bulb. I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago, also intermittent and also cleared when I turned the engine off. Sometimes it’d let me drive several miles before it came back, sometimes it came back before I’d left the drive. When one bulb goes it stops both cornering lights from working (not helpful). Of course I panicked and self-diagnosed a myriad of problems, given the amount of warranty issues my car has had, however when I nipped into the dealership they gave me a cup of coffee and replaced it for me - cheaper to buy a whole set of bulbs and fuses than one bulb. Peanuts and no charge to do it 😊
  14. Great - I hope they manage to sort it for you. I might email Jamie saying “no pressure”!
  15. I’ve had my creaky front suspension fixed and yes there was a TPI. Haven’t managed to find details of the latter but here’s the report from the fix. More on the other thread which is probably easier to follow rather than running two threads on the same subject 😊
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