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  1. Also on track from 9am-11am. APR stage 1. When I booked I did not realise Mk7 owners was our club so I picked another club. Not sure if I can change now.
  2. I had a white lease golf R but I now have a Lapiz blue one with Pretoria alloys. I also have the sunroof so should be easy to spot
  3. Track time is 9am-11am I will look out for you and I am sure I will pop into Awesome. If you are stage 2 by then I will have to take a cheeky passenger ride in yours to see the difference
  4. Also doing track time at vag tuner live. I am APR stage 1 with APR box remap, APR intake, TT pipe, muffler delete and res delete. I am also tempted with stage 2. Lots of decisions to be made.
  5. My first Golf R DSG which I leased for 2 years and not one problem hence why I bought another Golf R DSG and so far that's been perfect.
  6. I am a fussy sod as well. I leased a Golf R for 2 years and done 16K hard miles and never missed a beat. It never had any issues and that's why I have just bought a second hand Golf R two days ago and that seems ok but only time will tell.
  7. Just the standard spec. 5dr DSG in red £2400 down then 23x£203.99 based on 5k miles. Price inc VAT
  8. I ordered a DSG one last week for the end of September . My Golf does not go back till November but it's a great deal and I did not want to miss out.
  9. Any updates as I am thinking of buying mine when the lease ends or ordering a new one. I rang VWFS but they will not give me a price until the last 3 months. If they say something silly like 26k I will order a new one but if it's round the 20k I will buy the lease car. The problem I have it might take 3-6 months for a new one and I will be without a car if I leave it till the last 3 months
  10. As of today the price jumps up. Think it's a extra £100. VW will be updating their site today with the MY17 changes
  11. I lease my Golf R and that's coming to a end so I thought hard about what to replace it with and the RS was near the top but the Golf R is such a good all rounder. I am going to buy another with the options I want as this time as it's not going to be a lease. The RS just looks cheap and nasty inside.
  12. I rang them up last week. If I replace all 4 I can pick any premium tyre as long as it has the same speed rating but if I replace one or two I must have the same tyres that was on the car from new.
  13. I will give you a ring next Monday Andrew and get mine sent back to you. I was going to send it back to you this week but I am so busy at work and with Goodwood coming up I have no time to pop down the post office.
  14. Turned mine off via VCDS. It is very simple but not sure how long I will keep it like that the drone is quite bad
  15. I had a little problem with mine. It was very jerky on the new maps so I left it on the old map then last week I noticed while I was at santa pod the box was not working all the time. I had to disconnect the box and plug it back in then it would work. I rang DTUK up and there is a glitch with the filmware on my FSR+ box which they have a fix for so I sent back my box for a update. The car now runs perfect no jerks on the new maps it feels so much better. I am now running map 3+3 and loving it
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