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  1. The best place to advertise that you know multiple car thieves from back in the day is on a VW owners forum full of Golf enthusiasts. Hey, then get another member to agree with you..
  2. That is really great to know. Seriously, why are you advertising this disgusting fact.
  3. I repeat, says the man that is a member of a MK7 R Owners club forum with well over 1300 posts. Why do you hate the fact that I like the Performance Golf models? EDIT Oh.. I see, you bought the estate! Please accept my full and sincere apologies.
  4. I managed to speak to the lady across the road earlier who sells shower trays. She was on the road looking for her cat. I said that I really liked her car and asked why she had chosen it. She said work gave me a few lease offers so I went with the Golf because it is not too big and I liked the white. Again, the premium golf models are made for enthusiasts in my opinion. VW sold out the Golf MK7R. Getting rid of the 3 door is a further betrayal. My issue is with VW on this. VW should make a 300 car run with the remaining 3 door shells and do a 7R 400 Recaro seats and a one off colour. Give the enthusiast something special.
  5. I did not in anyway mean to be personal in my replies Gavras. Apologies if it came over that way. To be clear though you stating a Golf R is nothing but a family car and holds no premium value as such because of its position in the prestigious performance market is quite a claim. Dare I point out you are a member of a Golf R owners forum with well over a thousand posts. Just saying !
  6. My point is proven. Mk7R owners obsessed with justifying their finance deals and their fake ownership of their vehicles. A Golf is a car to be loved and the pride is about owning something special. Imagine Gavras wanting to buy a camper. LOL
  7. Not at all. The Golf 7 R is an excellent car like I have said. Over produced to ridiculous proportions so in my opinion a Golf with no exclusiveness what so ever. It's a performance car for the masses who have the ability to sign a lease deal. I would be interested to know who has a MK7 R and have paid for it outright?
  8. MK7 R mentality Gavras Go into a dealership with a Golf Rallye of a Mk1 Campaign. Like i said Golfs are special if you have the right ones.
  9. VW- Keep on doing what you are doing!! Flood the market with 5 door MK 7 R's- All non discript cars on lease deals. The MK7 is a great car but has no identity. Owning a Golf is about having something special in my opinion. The woman across the road has a white MK7R 5 door and sells shower trays for a living. Says it all.
  10. 3 doors look so much better than the 5 door. Yet more simplification on the production line which from a manufacturing point of view makes sense. Germany being very savvy on cost cutting being that no VW cars will be sold in the UK soon because of Brexit.
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