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  1. Two tips are fake if it's the estate
  2. Great spec because it's the same as mine, you will love it, particularly the handling, very keen to hear what you think coming from another cracking motor!
  3. And that despite two exhaust tips being completely fake!
  4. Shame the inside two are fake and not even connected
  5. Ive had my estate since early Jan and have put 6000 miles on the clock, loving her agility, handling, speed, amazing space in the estate when you lower the floor...im just very dissapointed that two of the exhaust tips are fake, not even connected and so the outers are constantly getting dirty whilst the inners gleam, crazy
  6. Any recommendations for upholstery cleaner? Got s nice black mark on my 'suede' bolster
  7. I have 19 prets and the DCC is great, the comfort mode is excellent on a non spirited run.
  8. Came up behind a new civic R today on a motorway in my golf R estate, he booted and I held the gap well so he moved over, i went past at 70 quarks and he dropped in behind, i took her from that to 130 quarks and he was al over me, I was in race, fully loaded boot, he was well quick....thumbs up as i turned off. Dissapointed there were no country lanes too see the difference.
  9. I think that could have been my white estate R in Bath, driving through or in central car park?
  10. Yes drops a fair amount as not self levelling, looks good and still handles well
  11. I have an estate which is full all the time, the comfort setting is fantastic on the rough roads or when my back needs a break from the individual mode i have set, i cant stand the soundaktor so dont use race or normal as it kicks in, so individual mode all the time except very rough roads or passengers get comfort.
  12. Good thread as im considering exactly the same, i had superchips on my audi a4 1.8t and was great, will it show up after removong for service as i have a lease car?
  13. Agreed about the look and soot etc, need to make sure bith are kept clean i guess? still makes an awesome sound with soundaktor off.
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