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  1. They are available as an 'accessory'. just not publicly shown on any UK lists. Here they are on the DE wheel accessory configurator...
  2. Just like over on the GTI forum, it also seems to be unknown here that Keyless is no longer an issue (if you're worried about security) on the Golf 7.5, it can be disabled. Lock the car with the fob, then within 5 seconds press the keyless button/sensor on the door handle. That switches off the keyless-entry system until the next time you unlock the car with the fob. Perfect for when leaving the car overnight or if in a particularly vulnerable place. It’s in the manual.
  3. I need some help here. I’ve been having cold feet due to the lack of Dynaudio and a few other creature comforts. The dealer has compounded the confusion even more by offering me a 6mth old 280ps Arteon R-Line for the same price, the Arteon is absolutely loaded on top of the massive standard kit that includes leather, DCC etc, options on it are... Panoramic sunroof Area surround view cameras Voice control system Dynaudio sound pack Discover pro navigation Head up Display Keyless entry 20" Rosario Dark graphite alloy wheels Acoustics pack Arteon Paint Metallic Manganese grey Carbon black Nappa leather The Golf will be faster, and have better dynamics and will probably retain more value, but the Arteon will be so much more luxurious and comfortable on the long journeys I do, but I guess it’ll lack the power & engagement drive?!! What would you do?!? 😳
  4. Thanks Paul, all sounds very good, but sadly don't have sort of money to chuck around just yet. If I go for this specific car, I think I'll have to look into the plug & play option. Hi Gary - been a while indeed! I think the last time we spoke was back in 2011 just after I got my 1M (the 1 car I deeply regret selling and to this day still miss, what a machine!). A lot has changed since then... many cars including a RS4, fJCW and a few others, moved to London (first Greenwich, now South London), two wonderful little children, but now sadly going through a separation, hence the need to downgrade from the Range Rover Sport to something cheaper to own/run, but ultimately more fun to live with! The crux of it though is I will being doing at least 2x 400mile round journeys a month (a journey made up of M25, M40, M42, M6, and M52) and cart around 2x young kids, hence the need for DCC. Your comments echo my thoughts. Sadly WLTP orders won't be fulfilled this side of Xmas, and I need out of the RRS ASAP for financial reasons, so I'm looking at 310hp stock new & unregistered R Wagons, which sadly means a compromise if I want the DCC. The compromise here being Dynaudio and Camera. Retrofit of the camera has been confirmed after searching on here and the dealer confirming the kit number, so all it will be lacking is the Dynaudio which TBH is a bit of a conner given the milage I do and the need for good quality audio on those trips. In 2016 I got my now-ex a new Golf Match Edition (1.4 TSi 125hp) which had the standard stereo and that wasn't great. The biggest problem I have is the RRS has spoiled me on the toys and gadgets front, so I know I am in for a downgrade when it comes to creature confirms, but I don't want to get something I will regret immediately. Good to hear the 7.5 gives better MPG due to the 7sp box, that was my hope when I first started. Hope all's good with you. 👍
  5. Thanks all for the replies, much appreciated. Some really interesting comments re the MPG. I'm not buying it for good MPG, I was asking out of curiosity, but the replies make for surprisingly pleasant reading. My long motorway journeys each month do several amounts of milage around 'managed' motorways' (M25/M42 etc) so I should see some good returns which is a bonus. The Indium car I have been offered has an RRP of £39,295, so under the £40k luxury/road tax hike, which is good. I have managed to negotiate £9k off, plus free GAP, so I think it's a good deal, especially as used examples are more expensive. Re the camera, thanks for the pointers and offers to help retrofit(!), I'll investigate the kit options further. I'm coming from a Range Rover Sport Autobiography Dynamic which had every options such as fridge, climate seats etc, so things like a reverse camera I am used to, and it's one of those things that I'm not sure I could live without now. Knowing I can retrofit is good through, so I can always see how I get on without the camera for the time being before making a decision. @W8PMCThanks for the comments re the aftermarket system, could you share the details/costs etc of yours? I bought/leased my now-ex a 2016 Golf Match Edition with the standard stereo and that wasn't good enough, so whatever I do I'll be looking to add to that specific car if I go ahead. I'll keep you posted on the progress, and keep the opinions coming! Thanks again 👍
  6. Hi All I was on here a couple of years ago asking for advice when I was looking for '7 Estate' to replace my then B8 RS4, but in the end I opted for another car instead of the Golf. Well, a lot has changed since then and I am back in the market for a Golf R Estate, but this time a new Indium 7.5. What with WLTP and the factory delays I am restricted to new & unregistered stock/build cars, but I must have DCC and this is seriously restricting what is available! My dealer has found two, one of them is over £40k so that's non-starter for me due to the tax, but the other is under £40k and just about fits my needs... The car is; Indium Grey, Black Mirrors and Rails, Black Prets, DCC, Keyless, Climate Windscreen, Winter Pack. But it's missing... 1. Dynaudio. I would really want this given I like my music and I will be doing 2 or 3 450mile round journeys a month (hence the need for DCC and the invaluable 'comfort' mode to often up the dampers), so what are the Audio options for retrofit/aftermarket that is good enough and cost effective? 2. Reverse camera. I believe there's a reverse camera kit from VW (5G1054634)? Is this an easy DIY job, or is it dealer only? Also for those of you with a 7.5 doing motorway miles, out of curiosity what sort of MPG do you get cruising 70-85mph and also at 50mph? Thanks in advance
  7. Lloyds Bank's recently launched Flex Finance PCP product. If you're a Lloyds customer, login to your account and use the calculator to see how much they beat the 'typical' advertised 4.2% APR. I've been banking with them for 22 years which gives me a 1% discount making it 3.2% on an R estate. You enter the cars specific details and it then gives you an accurate quote you can save. They will finance new and used through the product. https://www.lloydsbank.com/car-finance/flex-car-finance.asp
  8. £28,100 OTR is the best price a dealer can do on a base car with just signature Lapis paint. VW PCP is currently quite expensive on the estate (6.6% APR) which is why the discount available on the Estate is higher than the hatch. The good thing is a dealer isn't allowed to discriminate between finance and cash sales, so with bank finance being much cheaper (for example my bank gives me a PCP at 3.2% APR on an R estate) the way to do it is to ask for their best price first without saying you'll finance it, and then finance it elsewhere. They are then obliged to stick to the discounted price. To give you an idea of how much options and APR differences will cost you: on a 2 or 3yr PCP every 1% hike in APR will increase your monthly payment by circa £35 a month, and every £1000 of options added will increase your monthly payment by circa £35 a month. Hope that helps.
  9. The 8P is a dog, G7R all day long.
  10. My god you're boring. Grow up.
  11. I've only got the video that was sent to me, and even then the car has all its protective wrapping on and the suspension chocks in place. So I can only get crappy screenshots from the grainy video. The mirrors are silver which is what I like because it makes it more understated. After driving around in a Bright Red RS4 for the past 12mths which draws attention everywhere I go, I fancy flying under the radar for a bit of my first choice colours were Reflex Silver, followed by LSG.
  12. The silver car was delivered to the dealer this morning and the dealer sent me a video first thing. I think it looks great! My first choice color and pretty much perfect spec (now I've decided to swallow the cost of the leather), bar the carplay which I'm haggling to get the dealer to retrofit for me... Reflex Silver 19" Prets Vienna skins DCC Discover Nav Keyless Even though I'm paying cash, the dealer has matched DTD, reducing the £39205 list to £32,000 OTR, so for those of you with the inside info is there much more I can squeeze out of the deal or is that about it? TIA
  13. Thanks all - interesting feedback. So it appears that it'll be a bit random if I get a good set or not. TBH because I'm such a slim frame the drivers seat in all my VAG owned cars have always sagged, it's the other seats i'm more worried about. I do however think it'll be much easier to have leather with a toddler and a newborn, so I'm going for it.
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