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  1. luvadubdub

    Performance Pack Component Part numbers?

    I've got the oem silver trim waiting to go in. How do I remove the current ones? Do I have to remove the callipers?
  2. luvadubdub

    Rear Headrests

    Anyone interested in trading their Euro spec rear headrests for our North American spec full sized headrests? Black leather with silver stitching. Pic to show comparison.
  3. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    Any chance you had the time to look into 5G0 863 328-L 82V?
  4. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    I ordered 5G0 863 328-H 82V and it was wrong. Guy posted a pic and his correct part was 5G0 863 328-L 82V. If you confirmed it was a complete rectangle looking the same on both ends rather than what I received I'd take a 2 or 3. The incorrect part as seen below is the "H" part number. The correct part which is basically symmetrical with no cut out is below with the "L"
  5. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    That is the wrong piece. It may be the same part number with an "L" rather than an "H"
  6. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    This is what I received. Its the rubber liner for the centre console. Not sure why its cut out the way it is? Should fit perfectly square and I don't believe it has any indents like this one. Car is a 2016 Golf R 5 door.
  7. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    Got the part based on the number I was given. Turn out it doesn't fit. If you're still willing to help, I'd appreciate it.
  8. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    Appreciate it. Hold off for now as I may have found someone that is already checking... if it doesn't pan out and you're willing I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  9. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    I have no idea on cost. I was just hoping if someone could order the part and ship it I'd paypal them whatever it costs. I figured shipping would be fairly cheap... I don't need it overnight or anything. If you're willing thats awesome!
  10. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    I know its cheap... its like a $10-$15 part. I believe the part number is 5G0-863-328-H-82V
  11. luvadubdub

    Help a Canadian out!

    I'm in Edmonton, Alberta. In North America our centre consoles don't open but a couple of screw and thats taken care of. Mine is missing the rubber mat that lines the bottom. Dealers here can't order the part.