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  1. 37 Same with the GTI, most people I've seen that have them are in their 30's.
  2. Im in the same boat mate. My PCP is up in march and thinking about just keeping hold of mine for a couple more years at least. It's still a superb car!
  3. Thanks for clearing that up, I've yet to experience this, probably because I drive most of the time in race mode and like using the paddles, or eco if I'm on a long drive somewhere.
  4. Mine seems ok changing up at higher revs too, just apparent when the engine is cold and at about 2.5k rpm ,
  5. Cheers for that, will have a dig and see what others people's issues were
  6. Anyone else find that when their dsg, when changing from 1st to 2nd in sport manual mode, that it's quite jerky? Mine is starting to feel like that and especially when cold. Something to be worried about? Sorry if this been covered, couldn't be arsed looking through the thread. Cheers
  7. Tbh I could have done it a lot sooner, was just enjoying the whole experience and learning everything about the car first. You could maybe wait a little bit longer mine felt like it was loosening up around a thousand miles. Can see now why everyone keeps saying not much can beat it off the mark
  8. I launched mine for the first time earlier tonight after 3k miles, trust me you won't miss manual!!! [emoji23] Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  9. Same here, got mine through carwow, good deal, happy with the service I got, then once in contact with the dealer they just left you to it.
  10. Roughly how much extra power does your tuning box give you ?
  11. Be interesting to see what the power/torque increase will be on the next model RS3 engine in the next R ? 😃
  12. Nice one guys, bloody hell it is the sun visor I just checked today, thanks for the help! Hopefully no more rattles!
  13. Sun visor ? I doubt it's that but will check it out mate cheers
  14. Evening, The dashboard on my drivers side is rattling like f**k and its doing my nut in and is getting worse and worse. This is the first car I've experienced this with and just wondering if this is a common problem in the mk7 R and how difficult a fix is it!?! Cheers
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