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  1. Took the wife out in it, goes back in two week,s ( the R, not the wife 😢). Missing it already..car,nt believe its be 2 years 🧐
  2. Averaged 29 last week, Thought I was doing well..🤔
  3. Ouch...Had the same last summer...Hip replacement meant I had to let the wife drive me about for six weeks, struggled to get the keys back 😬...GWS
  4. Wife said why should I have all the fun..If I can have a R she can have a GTI.. Could,nt argue really, Problem was she was at work all day so I had to do the decent thing and pick it up ... Well it's not a R but it goes like a stabbed rat....😁
  5. enn

    Mileage check

    Thanks sounds good, i,m about 1500 below so fingers crossed..
  6. Is it normal practice for the lease company to request mileage done, (to update there records ) one year into the lease ?
  7. Sorry for the thread hijack, but may help....Is the multi story at Elden Square O.K...(few stairs then into John Lewis) took SWMBO shopping last week and parked in there...She loves Elden Sq so under orders to go back...? Ta.
  8. VW Assist aka the AA came....software problem...took it to local (to me) dealers...2 days and counting...hope I get it back for easter.. Got to say though VW and the AA sofar have been excellent..
  9. Break servo failer.. 3000 miles in Anybody had this flash up on dash...Got this in Red on dash and also Stop Start system error..? Just leaving Newcastle at the time on dual carriageway....Thinking it may be electrickery rather than mechanical as car drives and stops as it should..Brake fluid ok and no leaks showing ??
  10. Should also add...Folk fray Whitby car't afford to eat at Magpie cafe....especially if they have a R too run...
  11. Is,nt me either... but I saw one this aft on,t west cliff....not too mention a couple at the designer outlet at york earlier today......
  12. Big beemer ..... range rover type thing a couple of weeks ago....long straight....I came up behind him/her thinking sunday driver will need to get past....just started to edged over the white line....he/she must have clocked i was going to go for the overtake....Beemer took of like a scalded cat...I could,nt get near it never mind past it...
  13. Dealer sat me in one that had just arrived of the truck...He was drooling over it....Think I may of offended him when I said I would sooner have a R or GTI...Just did,nt appeal at all...He just was,nt listening though...
  14. If I can make the dates..... would be rude not too...
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