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  1. Definitely better with the black mirrors, like the background too
  2. It really does look good in the flesh, no regrets ordering the colour but if I ordered again I would spec the black door mirrors though . Really like the other pics of the car at the dealers including the black wheels but they are not for me this time. I ordered through DTD on the first day it appeared on the configurator so certain options were not listed then I faffed around a bit so when I decided to add the mirrors and DCC it was the day it went into build week so could not change easily.
  3. I have a 5 door in White Silver with Cadiz wheels and really pleased with the colour. Will post a few pictures later. Also had quite a few compliments regarding the colour.
  4. I ordered my R through DTD and the dealer took my GTI performance as partex this time and gave me the best price over the online buyers and Orange Wheels dealer. You have to add £300 to the DTD price due to the VED changes if you decide to go with them.
  5. I ordered through DTD for the second time at the beginning of Feb and found James always very helpful, he was prompt replying to emails and would always return your call. Met up with him last Friday as I picked my new car up, he told me he had been with the company 15 years. It was a bit of trek for me but did not want it delivered to my home address so picked it up and had a full tank of super included.
  6. I have ordered a FL R and according to the order status I have a build week confirmed for the week commencing the 6th March which I assumed means this week. The status is still at this stage so I read the FAQ and it mentions 'Typically confirmed for build four weeks before they actually begin being built'. I cannot remember for sure but when I ordered my current GTI the build week actually was the week commencing as stated in the order checker. That was two years ago so could be wrong but confused with the FAQ response.
  7. I ordered a facelift R to replace my GTI at the beginning of February with a build date starting next week which is good. Included Dynaudio as I already have that, however I noticed on DTD and Orange Wheels the option of the tech pack without any description. Am I correct in assuming this includes the Nav Pro and Dynaudio? It also seems a bit strange to drip feed options like this pack so soon after launch, it's annoying as I probably would have gone for this. I know it became available later on the GTI pre facelift.
  8. Ordered through DTD, beginning of February,build week the 6th March, much earlier than initially told.
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