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  1. Hello mate, I have experience with powder coating via work. There shouldn’t be any imperfections like that to be honest. That looks pretty poor. Also I’d say they were scratches, not dirt. If not caused by you, another reason to take them back. I would imagine they will propagate into worse cracks/flakes over time.
  2. Had plenty of the warnings popping up on the dash over the last year, only braked once. This was when a crisp packet blew across the road in front of me. Must have blew past the sensor as it was a clear road in front - nearly put me through the windscreen! Was a bizzare experience and im pleased nobody was tailgating me at the time.
  3. Crazy, I’m living in Cramlington at the moment! Haha. Honestly never see one 🤔 what colour was it? I’ll keep an eye out 😉
  4. Is a res delete enough to make the 'zaust pop and bang? On a pre facelift car that is (im aware facelift exhausts pop a bit more as standard)
  5. I live in the north east Newcastle/Northumberland way.. I own a 3dr R and im genuinely yet to come across another one. Every single R I see is a 5dr. I honestly dont think ive passed or saw another one parked up anywhere in my years worth of ownership.
  6. Yeah it did pop and bang, more so on the over run while driving but more of a crackle/burble on standstill. Thats my fear - I dont think it will sound the same I will keep searching for a video of one on a pre facelift! Undecided about the valves, I absolutely hate having to turn them on every time I get in the car, this is one of the main reasons I want to change it. However as said, it would be nice to have a option when you did want to be a bit quieter. Thanks
  7. Hello, im considering a catback exhaust system from a local guy who makes them up himself (ala Powerflow). Has a very good reputation. I know someone who has an S3 (so very similar to my R) who has had one from there, and it sounds immense. Now, his S3 is a 2018 model, and my R is a 2014. I know they made the facelifts sound nicer by default, so my question is will my R sound more or less the same as the S3 or not as nice as it’s not a facelift? Hope that makes sense! Thanks
  8. Probably the thing I hate most about my car, and I love pretty much everything. I love the sound in race mode but it really really annoys me having to select race mode every time I get in again. As others have mentioned you could code it fully open but then it will drone and its not the same. Really stupid by VW to not have this as a selectable option in the on-board computer somewhere.
  9. Hey all, weirdest thing just happened on my drive home tonight... when I got in, the touchscreen showed “autostore” after a few seconds, and muted the radio. It stayed on screen as if it was loading something. I could still get into the nav and change profiles etc, this message just stayed on in the background for a few minutes. When the message disaplayed the radio started playing again but all channels have reset back to their defaults, FM AM and also DAB. Very annoying as they’ve also lost there’s logos! Any idea what’s caused this? I have just re-paired my phone earlier as it messed up the contact photos and re pairing was the only thing that seemed to fix it. Can’t imagine this affecting the radio though?!
  10. Hey all, i have the vw data plug plugged in all the time, however it only seems to record anything if i physically open the app on my phone while still in the car after a journey. I thought this would automatically connect and store the trips? Or do you have to have the app running?
  11. Hey guys, just had to top up my washer fluid for the first time, I didn’t get any warning that it was low (actually ran out). Did a bit of searching but I can’t find a definite answer if the fluid sensor is standard or not on a 64 plate R? Some say this only comes with the winter pack - seems weird for a car like this not to have that! Have the car car booked in for it’s 3rd year service soon and it’s in warranty, but don’t want to look daft if I mention it and it’s not even on the car haha
  12. Sorry, I mean a quoted price from a garage to fit/weld one in thanks
  13. How much are people paying for a res delete? Been quoted £120 today.
  14. Thanks for the responses guys, some genuinely useful comments! Ive managed to get a bit comfier with the lumbar out a bit. Never used lumbar in any other cars as it annoyed me but I'm getting used to this. Still need to play around a bit what is the rake adjustment you mentioned Tufty?
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