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  1. Don't fancy coding them open as like to close them when I have the kids in the back on trips. Thanks for all the replies will just have to live with it.
  2. I leave the car (manual) in Race mode but when I start it up I have to reset the drive mode to Race as the exhaust valves are closed. Any ideas on a fix?
  3. New to the forum

    Good choice in my opinion!
  4. Hi from Keith

  5. New owner as of today

  6. Finally got the roof wrapped!

    £145 Roof, Spoiler and pseudo front vents.
  7. Finally got the roof wrapped!

    Hmm have to think. Could you PM me price / condition. I can't send PM - not enough posts. Cheers H.
  8. Finally got the roof wrapped!

    Thanks for the comments guys. I know some people don't like the look from what I've read elsewhere but I think it sets the car off nicely. Did consider running the black down the C pillar, we'll see BobbyT - Not thought about that! But I think I'll stick to the silver.
  9. Finally got the roof wrapped thanks to Wrapcapital Exeter! 😁 Before and after...
  10. Detailer required Taunton/Wellington area.

    Thanks again. Will give Gareth a shout as I have seen pics of his work. Cheers H.
  11. Detailer required Taunton/Wellington area.

    Thanks Nile much appreciated- rather go on recommendations 🙂 You in the area? Parked up in Wellington y'day next to a Lapiz Blue and there was another White one in the same carpark too! Time to change cars, R's are getting common! 😄
  12. Hi all. Looking for a detailer in the Taunton/Wellington area just to get the R up to summer shine condition- any recommendations?
  13. Hi

  14. Resonator Delete ordered!!!

    Finally it's fitted and sounds great! The guys that fitted it were impressed by the workmanship, as was I. Thanks Dave (BCS).