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  1. Is their a Classified section to list items such as a BBK for sale? Could find a section for Cars for Sale, but not upgrades etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. As above. I'm 48 & was last into 'Hot Hatches' in my early 20's, but was drawn to the Golf R (albeit 7.5 Estate) for it's allround capability, flexibility, performance & costs. Had far more premium (in keeping with age etc.) cars in the past, but have totally fallen for this Golf R. Also as above, i bought a brand new Fireblade in January this year, having not owned a motorbike for over 15yrs & not ridden a motorbike in around 10yrs. That's a midlife crisis:)
  3. Cutting a long story short, i noticed a couple of weeks ago that the car appeared to be slowing down when freewheeling a lot more than usual & some strange vibration through the steering wheel. Thought it was perhaps just me & after a further drive during which all was normal i assumed it was a non event. Driven the car a couple of times since & again nothing to report, however i made a short journey to a pals house yesterday & all was normal, although noticed this vibration through the steering again as i got close. Set off home, only a 5mile journey & could still feel the vibration, additional slowing when freewheeling & a kind of grinding/rubbing noise coming again from the front offside wheel. As i got closer to home i performed a couple of sharp braking stops & a couple of hard accelerations, thinking this may fix the problem, but alas not. The noise, slowing & vibration appeared to get worse, but as i was only a mile from home i continued on my journey. Upon stopping at home i felt a lot of warmth coming from the front offside wheel which given such a short & un-spirited drive was strange, i then went to touch the disc & it was red hot, actually burins my finger tips. Never had any issue with the car up until now & although the discs & pads are aftermarket, the callipers are OEM. The car's done several thousand miles on this setup & many track days with no previous problem. The front pads (Pagid RS29's) still have about 30% life left in them & no obvious deformity on the disc or any scoring to indicate a stone or debris fouling the callipers. Must be the calliper binding onto the disc, but can't work out why this would happen given no lead up & more so how i fix this? Can't imagine i'd get any joy from a VW dealer, even though if the calliper is faulty as although OEM i'm sure they'd blame the aftermarket discs/pads. Anyone suffered the same or any ideas what's caused this & how 'simply' to possibly rectify?
  4. I prefer the Virtual Cockpit, but never had a Golf previously so can't comment which is better/worse. Most high spec cars have gone this way, my previous FFRR & the Wife's Volvo both had similar.
  5. Personally i'd never try to scrimp on servicing, so if it's due i'd get it done, regardless if in the long term it's cost you an extra couple of hundred quid. VWFS stand point will always be do what's required when it's required. The VWFS T&C's state servicing needs to be carried out when due & within the franchised dealer network. I get my oil changed every few thousand miles as want to be sure the car's in peak condition. Other alternative is get the dealer to switch it to long life service when it goes in for its now due service.
  6. Is very similar to this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XG63SZ6/ref=asc_df_B06XG63SZ656892321/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B06XG63SZ6&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309859607452&hvpos=1o15&hvnetw=g&hvrand=11220557852588306987&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046530&hvtargid=pla-563458741120
  7. Running 19" RacingLine wheels. Car's having a few more bits done next week, so i'll get the suspension raised 10mm front & rear which should then be about perfect. I doubt the company that fitted the suspension dropped it further than i was told, but it's not impossible & did look very low. I'll also get the damping firmed from it's current setting of 2 up to perhaps 4. Note the car's not bottoming out in the wheel arch, purely caught this liner screw & ripped it out which then caused the problems. a 5mm lift would probably be enough, but i'm going to go safe as don't want a repeat. My gut feel is the drop in height from standard suspension to the Bilstein is more than we expected, so adding a further 15-20mm was too much.
  8. Had the same in my garage as the little feckers decided the insulation under the bonnet of my M5 was great for nest building:) Bought an ultrasonic plug in device that emits varying frequencies of signal & they've never been back.
  9. W8PMC


    That's good to know & i did wonder as assumed 10-12psi would be enough to trigger it. Does seem a fairly low quality TPMS system though as on my F10 M5 all individual tyre pressures & tyre temps could be displayed on the infotainment screen & it was pinpoint accurate. Still i guess it's better than nothing, although i do a weekly tyre pressure check with a decent quality manual gauge.
  10. No, the settings are i guess available from Bilstein themselves or some other source. So far so good, really does transform the handling/ride, but currently set at 2 out of 10 (0 being the softest & 10 being the firmest). Only down side is the drop was too much, even at just 15mm front & 20mm rear as the car bottoms out in certain places i drive & was way too low on track as have killed the front nearside tyre caning it through Eau Rouge as the tyre pulled out one of the wheel arch liner screws & bent it 90 degrees so the sidewall now has a nice tramline round it.
  11. W8PMC


    You should absolutely not rely on the TPMS as it's only activated when a significant loss in pressure is detected. On track i drop my pressures by about 10-12psi from their road setting & this does not trigger the TPMS.
  12. Turns out the various settings do exist & are even available down to the levels of specific circuits.
  13. Thanks. Do you think they'd just give me the settings to pass on to those doing the fitting & Geo tomorrow? Or for me to use post fitting? Could be that the Company fitting mine will have the settings i guess as i'd hope Bilstein provide these to dealers.
  14. Got another question for anyone running the Bilstein B16 kit? What are the best settings for track & road & how easy are they to adjust once on the car? Suspension is being fitted on Wednesday & i'll be covering around 700 miles on road before arriving at Spa on Thursday evening, then a 400 mile road journey to Donington so would like to have the raid setting en route to Spa, track for when i'm there, road for the journey to Doni, track when i'm there & back to road when leaving Doni.
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