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  1. Just found this... https://www.reddit.com/r/GolfGTI/comments/4s3fzq/gearing_chart_for_the_201516_golf_r_mkvii/
  2. My 64 plate didn’t hit 60 in 2nd.
  3. Anyone know what is acceptable to VWFS regarding timeliness of servicing? For example is within one month of the car advising service due acceptable? Had my leased R for just over 11 months and service is now due (time based) despite dealer telling me it would be set up for long life servicing. I’m tempted to wait a few more weeks so that if I extend my 2 year lease by an additional 12 months it should still be returned before the 2nd service is due, assuming I insist it is set to longlife servicing when I get it serviced. With my last R I signed up for the 2 year service deal but extended my lease to a 3rd year and ended up paying for a 3rd service shortly before the car was handed back - not the end of the world but if I can save a few hundred quid this time why not?! Despite searching I can’t find any info as to what leeway is acceptable. Thanks in advance.
  4. Every car we’ve owned with an electric parking brake has devoured rear pads quicker than the fronts. On previous cars I’ve had up to 70k miles out of original pads, on my last R the rears were pretty much finished at 30k. On our Jag XF the replacement rear pads lasted 6 months!
  5. Mine started at 16k. Still on the car when it went back at 31k though.
  6. DSG? Never noticed my manual 7R doing it but my 7.5 estate does it all the time.
  7. My DSG takes a fair bit longer than my manual did - probably because of the taller gearing as my commute is straight on to a dual carriageway. When it was pretty cold Mon and Tues this week it took quite a lot longer than usual - surprised how much difference it made.
  8. State or rear brakes - disc scoring and pad thickness. Ask for assurance on clutch life - eg minimum 12 months as hard to establish health on a test drive, IMO it’s much worse in the cold weather.
  9. Mine looked scored only a few months after getting the car and at the first service they were given a red status at the health check. When I got rid of the car at 3 years, 32k miles the rear pads were virtually worn out. Every car we’ve owned with an electronic parking brake has consumed rear pads quicker than fronts. On other cars I’ve managed 70k miles on the original pads. Our XF was the worst of anything we’ve owned - the second set of rear pads lasted 6 months and nothing to do with the regular parking brake fault messages we kept getting according to the $tealer!
  10. About 30kph on my wattbike! Car free day for me, in fact didn't even set foot outside the house...
  11. I’ve had my R estate for 6 months now and the service indicator is saying Inspection in 15400 miles or 162 days, Oil Change service 9500 miles or 350 days. I got the car new and it was set to LongLife servicing but it appears to me it will need an inspection based on time, before the car is 1 year old, rather than mileage covered. Is this right? That’s no better than my last one which was set to fixed servicing. Its done nearly 5k miles to date, does very little stop start driving or short journeys, so I was expecting to get more than 12 months / 10k miles before the first service. Thanks in advance.
  12. Only car I've had with clutch issues in 20+ years of owning used cars - the R was my first ever new car!
  13. After 3 years I signed up for a 2 year deal on an estate - still miss the hatch tbh even though my estate has nav, heated seats, lot more practical, early indications are it will be more economical and sounds better. Ive never experienced a slipping clutch on any other car and it felt like automatic gearbox slurr, but the soundaktor makes it very obvious if in Race mode that something has happened...
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