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  1. Yes it was on Pistonheads - think Arnold Clark have put their prices up and also BMW as of 1st March. The prices were nothing like what I could see on their website. well the R went at lunchtime today. Looking at 4-6 months lead time I believe. Not a massive issue as still wfh for the foreseeable and have a Boxster tucked away in the garage. thanks gazza5 - will do. Went for Misano blue and no other options. Both my Rs were poverty spec lease cars! Wish I hadn’t watched the Archie Hamilton video of the Mk 8R absolutely trashing an M135 and A35 in a drag race!!
  2. Arnold Clark so no additional fees. Includes BMW service pack too.
  3. It’s quite addictive! Not exactly kind on the transmission however - fair old whallop as it changes gear...
  4. Finally tried launch mode. Better late than never!
  5. Thanks Booth11 - will do! It’s got big shoes to try and fill...
  6. The rear pads barely passed its first MOT at 31k on my first one. My current one was serviced recently and they said rear pads 75% worn at 22.5k (no idea how accurate their estimate is however). Every car we’ve owned with an electric parking brake has eaten rear pads. I know people say it’s main due to the traction and stability systems but personally I think the much smaller pad contact area with such mechanisms must also be a factor. Don’t really need a car atm but my 987 Boxster will come out of hibernation in a month or so. Plus I’ve just signed up for an M135. Would’ve loved a Mk 8 but couldn’t justify £400+ a month averaged which the recent deals came out as, especially as I don’t need a car atm. It was a case of the right deal with the M135 - £289 a month on a 3+35 lease deal. Be interesting to see how it compares.
  7. Last couple of days with my R wagon before it gets collected by BCA, marking 3 years of custody. Unfortunately it’s not seen much use since last March but can’t really blame the car for that. Didn’t quite make it to 23k miles as a result, following 31k miles in 3 years in my tornado red 3 door hatch. Both great cars (initially signed a 2 year lease on both) and the only brand new cars I’ve ever had. The hatch definitely looked better and handled better when pushing on. The estate was much more practical, better economy on a motorway run and sounded better. Overall I was impressed with the DSG - only Auto I’ve ever had. I thought the gearbox was great in my manual hatch but the clutch started slipping at less than 20k miles and I like to think I’ve got pretty decent mechanical sympathy, running some previous cars to pretty high mileage without ever experiencing clutch slip. Having said that it was only noticeable in cold weather under certain conditions. I was surprised at the high rate of rear brake pad wear on both cars - even more so this latest one. The bonnet release mechanism failed a couple of months ago (I should have fitted a tie wrap I know!) and I had a cornering light fault message pop up a couple of times before disappearing. Also all 4 of the alloys are showing signs of corrosion / white worm on this car but were fine on the last one, despite racking up more miles and the same cleaning regime (weekly wash with shampoo and mitt, even if the rest of the car didn’t get washed). Definitely one of the friendlier car forums I’ve come across so thanks and enjoy your fantastic cars!
  8. Does the fuse reposition work on the 7.5 to make the interior socket permanently live? Did it on my previous 2014 R, but don’t think I can reposition the fuse on my 2018 R estate to do the same - doesn’t seem physically possible in the fuse box.
  9. Do you mind confirming what is the right way round please?!
  10. How do you reinstall the glovebox without dislodging the 2 rubber pegs as you force it past the 2 release clips? Thanks.
  11. The clutch is the main problem with the manual - it’s just not durable enough. Mine started slipping at 16k. After 31k I swapped for a 7.5 estate. Averaged about 33mpg in my last one, 34ish in this one. 7 speed is a lot better on a long run but no matter how gentle you drive it the manual was more economical in traffic. Nice night clutch and was actually a pleasure to drive in slow moving traffic as the engine was so flexible whereas my 3.4 Boxster and E46 330Ci were not nice in traffic at all.
  12. Should be 225/40/18 shouldn’t they?
  13. My 18 plate displays M - eg M3, S3, D3, E3 or E (when coasting).
  14. UK Rs have a set of direct and indirect injectors don’t they?
  15. Better as engine nicely loosened up and fully run in. My last R which I had for 3 years / 31k was returning better mpg when I got rid of it than ever. My current one is still improving at a mere 15k. I remember a very old Top Gear when they drag raced two Mk2 GTis and the one with high mileage absolutely rinsed the one with significantly lower miles. I’m assuming it’s properly looked after, serviced, not abused etc.
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