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  1. Mate of mine put the car up on a ramp, thought the pics may be of interest
  2. Base spec car, it was about £18/month to add a colour choice. I like the white, very George Lucas THX1138/Stormtrooper. The 7.5 R was Lapiz but that only added about £5 to the deal back then.
  3. Its 3+23 on 8k at £388/month. Works out just over £5k a year. My 7.5R had been £335 on 9+23.
  4. Thanks. I've done that, will see how I get on. All I want to do is zero the trip as I drive away after a refill, I'm not looking to Ctrl-Alt-Del the car 🤔 Think I may as well forget about it; rely on the "miles to empty" and the Fuelly app to track economy/use.
  5. Thanks, I had a 7.5 - but this is a Mk8 and there is no button
  6. I've tried to use logic. I've tried to RTFM. I've looked on the internet. And I can't for the life of me see how to reset the trip odometer! Anyone more clued up?
  7. I realise this does not strictly qualify, but after a 7R and a 7.5R I decided to replace with a GTI Clubsport....which arrived today. So if it doesn't qualify please delete. I am very pleased with it. Poverty-spec lease car, no options. It like it a lot. Chassis is definitely better than the Mk7, must be the front track. It turns in well.
  8. Thank you. I guess the main obstacle will be gaining access to a VW Dealer parts department at the moment! As its a lease car, it's just base spec (I like the white as it happens) the only disappointment yet again is the clumsy style of the 18" wheels. I'll be sure to post up about it.
  9. Coming to the end of lease of my second 7R, a Lapiz 7.5 which has been great. I've decided to give the GTI Clubsport a go this time, it arrives in March. On my R's, I fitted the aftermarket S2T B2 paddles which are a quality product. I see the Mk8 R comes with larger paddles as standard. The GTI Clubsport has better paddles than the tiny buttons on the Mk7, but not the full size of the R paddles. Does anyone know in the spirit of OEM+ whether the R paddles will be a straight swap? I'd be surprised if they weren't.
  10. In case you didn't know, the SD card slot is in the glove box, and you then select the source in "media" to browse the folders and play
  11. Yes Matt Any USB card reader with SD capability should do the job. You can buy bigger capacity SD cards than 32GB - depends what you need. Sandisk are a good brand.
  12. Go to C:\Users\xxxx\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Music Look at the size of the folder. If it is smaller than your SD card then right click, copy and paste onto the SD card. If you have more music (i.e. I have way more) then you need to be selective about which albums you copy over.
  13. I have just had it installed today, I've had the lease car 3 weeks. Early days so I'm just getting used to it. First impressions are good. I've also signed up to Apple Music to trial that. Will post more feedback when I can add something useful.
  14. Well the R was delivered yesterday. I love it. Having ordered without having driven one; it is everything I expected. Felt at home very quickly. I'm very impressed. Managed to snap the locating lug off the Alipress dead pedal when fitting it. Already been to local dealer to book in for App Connect.
  15. No partybish. Sent straight to Birds. Quaife ATB diff, AP Racing 6-pots, Hartge bits, Bords Bilsteins. Stella mileage. Great car.
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