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  1. So I know how to manually turn it on via the menu button, but in the settings on that screen, you can set it to turn on automatically - which I have done so. It just never seems to turn on by itself. It’s not exactly a big issue if I have to do it manually, I just wondered if I was missing something about the auto feature. I'm sure I've checked it after turning on the front max demister and it still didn't come on itself, but will have another try.
  2. I have the climate windscreen in the mk7. I have set it to come on automatically, but even when the windscreen is iced over, it doesn’t seem to come on unless I go into the menu and turn it on. Does anyone have any idea in what conditions it is supposed to turn on automatically?
  3. I update mine fine via USB. Left my music SD card in, put in USB stick in front slot. It took a little while to find it, but once found, updated fine.
  4. Three months ago I paid 28.5k for mine (independent). 2016 with 8k miles. Immaculate 5 door, DSG, one lady owner, in pure white with every single option (I think). Carbon leather, pro nav, prets, pan roof, dynaudio, lane assist with side scan, keyless entry, reverse camera, enhanced bluetooth, climate screen. I’ve actually not seen one better specced. I could have gone low spec used 7.5, but definitely prefer a fully loaded and very clean 7 instead!
  5. Isn't it also likely different for fixed vs variable servicing? If I remember correctly, the book implies you choose on purchase which is most suitable.
  6. I came from an M135i, and before that, GT86, and before that RX8. Was based in Glasgow for most it, and drove all of them up the mountains to go snowboarding in the winter (sometimes with winter tyres on, sometimes not). Real wheel drive doesn’t suddenly mean you have to end up in a ditch. You just need to drive to the circumstances. Did consider an M2, but practicality won the day. Could see myself in an M140 in the future though, especially if BMW do a run out edition before ditching the 6 cylinder for next 1 series.
  7. Mani

    North Coast 500

    Wanted to do it last year, but never got around to it. That was when I was in living in Glasgow. A bit longer to get there from London. Downside to a winter run is lack of daylight to appreciate the view. But at least it'll be quiet, I hear it now gets pretty busy during summer times.
  8. And that was my first post. And this is my second. Mostly a watcher. Get it, watcher... ok, will get my coat...
  9. Omega Planet Ocean (current favourite), Tag Carrera, Tag Formula 1 GMT, Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon GMT, Hamilton Pan Europ (lovely strap), one of several CWs (incl Mk1 Jumping Hour) or the Panerai Luminor coming next week 🙂 Yep, probably need to stop buying watches now. It’s an affliction though 😒
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