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  1. Dynamic Door Mirror Indicators

    No it doesn't because it isn't clear, its black same as the moulding. see the above video from Haych
  2. Mark's new Golf

    ^^^^^ Twins, but not identical
  3. Bye Bye R - Hello RS3

    Just passed 1100 miles in my FL RS3 and loving it. Hearing that 5 cylinder burble in Sport/Dynamic mode ( with pan roof open) when accelerating past 4000 revs is very addictive. When the engine has run in and you start using full throttle the MPG will drop dramatically, I'm seeing 25/27 on a spirited long combined drive. Totally agree with the mag ride and handling and finding it better than the R.
  4. South Coast Meet up...

    Thanks for that Ash, 😢
  5. South Coast Meet up...

    Hi Ash, I can't see this meet under 'Events', is this the right group ? - (UK MK7 Golf R Owners Club)

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and I'm looking forward to the meet.

    Yes, love to come along, have you a date in mind yet ?

    Totally agree with you about the black badges, this will probably be my first mod.

    This is the reason why I've been returning my G7R to stock, for me it was a natural progression
  10. JB4 is literally no joke!

    ^^^^^^ Nice one Dom, pleased you like it.
  11. I have this one :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Milltek-SSXVW399-Golf-R-MK7-Cat-Back-Exhaust-Resonated-Valved-3-Polish-GT100-EC/232512979049?fits=Model%3AGolf|Plat_Gen%3AMK+VII&epid=600689430&hash=item3622da8069:g:KooAAOSwax5YypVV I'm not overly keen on really loud exhausts but this one suits me just fine. Louder than stock and with the gearbox in sport it makes all the right noises and not a hint of drone with the valves open or closed. If you want to stay friends with your neighbours this is the system to have.
  12. ^^^^^^ Are you organising this Ash, or is it an another Forums meet ?
  13. Battery chargers

    Thanks for the Heads Up on this guys, just purchased this one for £69.95 and noticed its now back up to £94.99, got it just in time. Placed on March 15, 2018 CTEK CT5 Start/Stop 40-106 Smart Battery Charger - white/black Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L. £69.95
  14. WLAN

    Thanks to Rob I have also installed the same WLAN usb stick in the boot. No fuss no bother and 100% reliable .