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  1. No one seen this yet? Mk8 Golf R due out 2022 with 328bhp and 0-60 of 4.5 sec
  2. Nice one Oliver, my views entirely and I couldn't have put it better myself. Yes, the super sport seats do look the business but are not that supportive and took me a while to get used to them. The full width rear view camera image on the R is also a lot better than the squishy version on the RS, something that Audi seem reluctant to fix. Also on the RS the pre installed low resolution radio logos are rubbish and can't be manually loaded, plus the selected radio station cannot display music information on the same screen, where as the R can. However, that super sound track of the sports exhaust at full chat leaves those little niggles behind. I would also recommend the R, but if you are thinking of progressing then the RS3 FL will not disappoint.
  3. No it doesn't because it isn't clear, its black same as the moulding. see the above video from Haych
  4. ^^^^^ Twins, but not identical
  5. Just passed 1100 miles in my FL RS3 and loving it. Hearing that 5 cylinder burble in Sport/Dynamic mode ( with pan roof open) when accelerating past 4000 revs is very addictive. When the engine has run in and you start using full throttle the MPG will drop dramatically, I'm seeing 25/27 on a spirited long combined drive. Totally agree with the mag ride and handling and finding it better than the R.
  6. Hi Ash, I can't see this meet under 'Events', is this the right group ? - (UK MK7 Golf R Owners Club)
  7. roberth


    Hope you have a speedy recovery and I'm looking forward to the meet.
  8. roberth


    Yes, love to come along, have you a date in mind yet ?
  9. roberth


    Totally agree with you about the black badges, this will probably be my first mod.
  10. This is the reason why I've been returning my G7R to stock, for me it was a natural progression
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