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  1. Oh and I've not yet asked them about Haldex service, as that is on my list as well. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  2. I've used Lion garage in the past with my TT, but that was about 4 years ago, and they have grown since then, and have a few more garages. The central Leicester branch manager was helpful, but he did see quite a lot of me.... http://www.liongarage.co.uk/lion-garage-leicester/ Haven't tried them with my R yet , as so far been under warranty. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. Just had my 30k service at the local dealership, but didn't initially include the Haldex service as wanted to find out what was involved, i.e do they just change the oil, or do more. The initial conversation was had with the receptionist, who then went and asked a tech. Apparently they change the filter. Is this correct on a Mk7? From previous posts on here the official VW Haldex service was an oil change on the 7, not even cleaning the filter. Have they updated their process or are they just thinking of the Mk6?? Anyone got any recent info on this? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Ta
  4. Well done!! IHMO option 2 sounded best to me, that's what I would have bought. Lots of discussion on the wheels, but fundamentally it comes down to what you think is best looking, and riding on your car. I love the prets, not a fan of the Cadiz, although seen some on here that have wrapping on part of the silver , and they looked fantastic, but that's just my opinion. Either way, as long as you like the looks, the car is still fab, Prets or Cadiz, lapis or tornado (or even turmeric, but let's not go there...[emoji6]). If everyone liked the same thing, then life would be boring! Just go d
  5. Yep, Monza 17" were standard on the Mk6 GTI (or they were on mine anyway[emoji6]) and these look very like that to me Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  6. I agree with the silver mirror caps, never liked them on my DPB. I also had mine painted DPB (not carbon or normal gloss) when it was in for some minor scrape damage, and really glad I did. its the only "mod" apart from S2Ts I've done - still very new to this lark, but yours is inspiring me to get braver! I just need to persuade SWMBO that our kitchen is still perfectly useable and a new one would only get trashed by the kids.....
  7. Its a daily driver for me - does everything. 15 mile commute in traffic jams (hence the DSG), back home via the country lanes (hence the S2T paddles). I still need to get the kids in (hence 5 dr), and generally use mine at the weekends as its owned, where as the wife's is on a PCP and we need to try to keep the miles down. She has an Ocatvia VRS estate (petrol), which we use for big trips out, holiday etc as the boot is so much bigger, and I dont mind the kids wrecking the seat backs, sticky , greasy finger marks everywhere etc. on that one. I try to keep the R at least tidy inside! The VRS h
  8. Sorry, had a play last night, and I have no idea how I turned it off. Really got frustated, more so than trying to sort out UK inland revenue tax codes tonight......If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. I'm away from the R for a week, when I get back I'll have a play and try to remember how I did it. Is yours a 7 or 7.5? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  10. Not sure if this will work for you, but I found a way ( on the UK model) deep in the menus to turn this off. Mainly because my two kids would fight over who got to press OK.... If I remember how to do it, I'll let you know!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. That it's not one of these... (Ignore the stickers, the fact they were being removed is the reason it was on the neighbours drive in the first place) Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  12. The blind on my pano roof keeps sliding forward (when I drive spiritedly), just enough to let some light through. When i want you open , stay open, when I want you shut, stay shut! Agree with the boot size , after an none 4wd golf its tiny. Its also taken me about 18 months to get my head round the turning circle. A bit more exhaust noise as normal would be good. Still not gettig rid of it though - this is a keeper!
  13. And this doesn't even get to tractors lorries, marine..... Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  14. I remember this from Top gear Mag a while ago. Has anyone here driven all the cylinder configurations , or even just the number of cylinders? I've managed single cylinder (bikes and karts) twin, triple, four, five is still missing, (much to my annoyance), six (straight, flat and V) eight, ten and rotary. I need a 12(preferably V and W) and I suspect I have two hopes of a 16! Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  15. I've done similar. Gallardo Spyder, so with rear window open you could properly hear the noise. Also had fun in a knackered ex RAC rally Evo. No sound deadening, gearbox like stirring porridge, but an instructor just telling me to go faster. Massive fun!! On these track days, do what the instructor says, and when they know you aren't an idiot they help you to go faster. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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