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  1. I thought I'd be clever and put vinyl inlay on the black part of the badge! it didn't like that at all😃
  2. SUB

    anyone into RC

    Yep, been a while since this 'ol boy raced though.
  3. Hi Brit I came from a '14 plate 45 and have no regrets what so ever. Tech and build quality is far far better imo. I never modded the merc and I won't the golf as the mrs uses it more than me. You need to try it😎
  4. SUB

    I've arrived!

    Close, Orford quay in Suffolk. Well, Oil leak from gearbox (DCT) 4 Warped discs A thud when changing down through the lower gears, not gearbox but the rear diff, it has a clutch pack in there! The worst thing of all was the service/attitude from the stealers.....I could go on! It was quick and I really miss the exhaust😲 I've had the R for a month now and find it far more refined, better built and just as quick on the "road" (even with 50bhp less) Very happy with this little pup! Oh, for summer fun I'm lucky enough to have a 10yr old 987s sorned. Thanks for the welcomes peeps.
  5. SUB

    I've arrived!

    Thought I'd better pop my head over the parapet and say hello, so it's bye bye A45 and hello 7R in Lapiz of course😎 Yes I know it's a strange move but the 45 was giving me grief (lots of niggles) and the gronk hated it so as she uses it more then me it seemed the right move. We're luvin it🙂
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