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  1. Hi Pal. When you wiggle your steering from left to right (with the engine running but at a standstill) do you get any form of knocking? Or when you have the steering on full lock? Mines literally just had a new rack and wiring loom fitted last week under extended warranty. Mines a 2014 plate that's covered just 30K and the rack was totally goosed. Over the course of a couple of weeks it got to the point where the steering had dead zones. The service manager told me they've changed loads of racks on GTI's and R's, so it would appear they are still a weak point like they where on the MK6. I'm pretty sure if you had the rack changed it would solve all your issues. Mines like a totally different car now, clearly was knackered when I bought the vehicle 5 months ago, and has no knocking noises from the front end at all now! Hope you manage to get sorted because I know that 'I just want rid of it now' feeling, don't let it win you over!!
  2. Always thought my MK7R seemed very quiet on upshift / downshift compared to my dads 7.5R. After giving the car a good detail on the Saturday, then going for a nice spirited drive on the Sunday, on returning home I found only 3 of the 4 exhaust tips sooted. Plugged OBD11 in, and fault on engine module 'exhaust door valve 2 fault'. Went over to my local dealer yesterday to see what they could do. Confirmed that the valve had failed shut and new back box has been ordered. Got to go back next Tuesday for a fit whilst I wait appointment as they cant offer me a courtesy car for the next 3 weeks! Hopefully get a little more noise!!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome people 😀 Over the first couple of days of ownership, I have in fact found my first annoying rattle! But after taking a trip around the block with my trusty noise finder (the old man in the back seat), we managed to locate it down to being the tailgate. Quick adjustment on the rubber bump stops and noise is gone 💪👍 Does anybody else have an issue with condensation in the headlights? Ive sent some images over to the dealership of mine from the other night, they where completely misted up inside, and even after a lengthy drive with the xenons on, I still appear to have a lot down in the indicator area?
  4. Hi Guys & Gals, Just collected my (new to me) 2014 Golf R Oryx White, with the optional Carbon leather interior, Discover Pro Nav and 19" Pretoria's. Ive been a member of the VW family for just over 10 years having had a few polo GTIs, Golf MK6 GTI and now the R. Absolutely love the car!! The paintwork & exhaust tips are crying out for some TLC with the rotary polisher to get the pearl paint popping like it should! Just need the weather to book its ideas up😁 Only have the one picture at the moment, but I will certainly be taking many more over the coming months as I put my ideas into motion on the new project 😏
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