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  1. Bnic11

    So many R’s

    Up in the Scottish Borders this weekend. Visited St Abbs which is a tiny fishing village with a small car park just outside the village itself. Low & behold, a Lapiz blue R which I parked beside. Came back to the car a couple of hours later and another white R just parked across from us.
  2. Bnic11

    Paint to match alloys ?

    Thanks Rebecca, I'll try that. The scratch has just about polished out. but the chip is showing up white.
  3. Tried a search on the forum but could not find anything...........Does anyone know if there is a suitable silver touch up paint to match Pretorias in the darker silver. Just found a stone chip & scratch on one of my rear alloys.
  4. Bnic11

    What was your previous car before the R

    Last car was a Focus ST2 in Deep Impact Blue........great on smooth roads, really sharp handling, but extremely firm ride & hated rough, uneven roads. Great Recaro Bucket seats, cramped cabin compared to the Golf. Attracted swarms of teenages in Corsas.
  5. Bnic11

    How many Golf's have you owned

    Great pictures ! Only 3no. Golf's for me : 2001 Mk4 1.6 in Red 2006 Mk5 GT 1.4 TSi 170PS Twincharged in Red 2018 Mk7.5 R in White
  6. Yep.........thats the one - is it your car ?
  7. Seen a White 7.5 R with Black rear quarter panels north of Newcastle at Cramlington a few days back, not sure if they were wrapped or painted by certainly looked a bit different anyway........anyone on here ?
  8. Bnic11

    The Cycling and Bike Chat Thread

    Looks like your crank thread is cross-threaded on the photo, but your pedal thread looks fine ? Did your pedal unscrew itself when you where riding ? Think its a new chainset / crankset unfortunately, but be careful screwing that pedal back in, in case there is any damage on the thread.
  9. Bnic11

    The Cycling and Bike Chat Thread

    Here's mine 7.2kg of carbon fiber.......equipped with Campagnolo / Deda / Vittoria / Look / Fizik
  10. Bnic11

    Not another f*****g animal!!!!

    Deer are bad news & can cause serious damage - a friend of mine hit one in Kielder Forest, Northumberland & wrote off his car. 2 months later, along the same road he hit something & was knocked out, only coming around when a passerby came to help. Apparently he had hit a Deer which had come straight through the windscreen & knocked him out. The deer managed to get back out the car and run off but left him covered in blood & fur. As you can imagine, his insurance company tried everything to get out of shelling out again, but he had a witness & deer fur as evidence.
  11. Bnic11

    Dragons breath

    I'm a big fan of Dragons Breath as well, thicker than similar products so clings better. Very jealous of your garage 👍
  12. Bnic11

    Newcastle Silverlink

    After only spotting a Lapiz Blue R in Jesmond, went to Silverlink to drop daughter off this morning and saw 3 R's in one trip, common as muck. Lapiz Blue, Pure White and first time I've seen a Grey Metallic one.....Limestone Grey maybe. All getting serviced at Lookers......perhaps ?
  13. Bnic11

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Booth11 Spec is 2017 Mk7.5 in Pure White (although more like grey with the weather), 5dr, Manual, 19" Pretorias. Finding the ride is far more forgiving than the ST, even with the 19"s
  14. Bnic11

    Hi Everyone

    Just collected an 8 month old 7.5 R & loving it, after trading in my Focus ST. Originally was looking at another ST, but was lucky enough to borrow an Golf R for 3 weeks hols in NZ and was totally hooked. Great site with lots of info.