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  1. Just needed something to tip me one way or another 😀 And decided charging in yr 2 / 3 could be a hassle with an i-Pace.
  2. I've made a decision ... No iPace left in my preferred 2 colours. Therefore, I'm going to keep the R for another year (has extended warranty and 2 free services) and buy a Model Y Performance when they are released. I'll run it for 3-5 years as a company car and then buy it cheap from the company if and when car tax on EVs starts to increase.
  3. My opinion is that the EV infrastructure right now is poor. Non-Tesla seems to have lots of issues with many suppliers and many separate apps. Plus lots of faulty chargers. Tesla is great now but how will the volume of chargers grow when sales will be exponential? This year will see less travel due to covid, so it's not really a concern to me. It will be a bigger concern 2 and 3 years from now. But hopefully by then, the non-Tesla providers will have a better / more stable model and it will be rapidly improving. I have no worries about the national grid coping. Chis Harris did a great interview on this topic,
  4. Agree with your points Martin2. I don't do many long journey's but if I did, the iPace is effectively tethered to 110 miles each way before I'd need to consider public charging. This is a limiting factor but probably only one which I'd encounter a handful of times a year given I have use of another car when public charging isn't likely to be viable. I'm a co owner, so with an EV I'd save on company NI payments and the lease costs are paid pre tax so it's a very efficient way to spend money whilst keeping within my desired tax band. I'll also save on corporation tax, personal NI and income / dividend tax. Plus, I could expense the the charger purchase and installation, insurance etc. (All part of my calculated cost to change which is why the iPace only costs a little more per month than keeping my Golf.) Tesla leads regarding range and charging infrastructure by a significant margin. But we have a dog and a Model 3 is no use because it's a saloon. There's no point in the company buying a 2nd hand EV because it can't then claim back 19% of the car's price. (The company then pays a charge of 19% of the selling price when it's disposed of, which means the longer it keeps the car the cheaper it gets.) I'm a bit torn. The iPace has excellent kit, is fast enough, well built, looks good IMO, has enough space but public charging will give me tourettes. But in 3 years' will it have aged badly? A Model Y would be ideal, but it may even be next summer for UK deliveries and the build quality, so far at least, of many Teslas seem to be behind most auto manufacturers.
  5. I run my own co, so an electric co car has some very significant tax advantages. I've done some calculations and over the next 3 years I my company could lease an iPace HSE or buy a Tesla Model Y (when they're released end 21 early 22) and run either for an effective cost to me of only £60 a month more than my R. The iPace would be new but is the pre media update version, so a runout 2020 model year. It has these extras: metallic, tinted windows, pano roof mats and has a £77,100 BIK! I love my Golf but I'm feeling tempted to try an EV whilst the tax incentives exist. And I can get a free charge at work so my annual fuel bill will be almost nothing, bar any public charging. And if I need a long drive, I'll take my wife's ICE car. Would you be tempted? If I go iPace, the biggest challenge may be selling the R during lockdown.
  6. Has anyone with the drilled discs noticed any cracking around the holes? I had a 996 many years ago and that was an issue with some discs - the cracks were tiny and would start at the hole and spread outwards - and may show after prolonged use / hard use.
  7. Where did you buy the discs from - can you add a link please? Do you know if they would fit with 18" Cadiz rims? And are the callipers identical to the R?
  8. North West. Thanks for the kind offer. Seems like I'm in no need for a desperate rush, so I'll see what may be needed once I do a proper wear measurement.
  9. VW reckoned mine had gone from 40% worn 2,000 miles ago (last July) to 75% worn now. Which suggests for estimating wear, the visual inspection is pretty pointless unless it's on the wear indicator.
  10. Thanks. I'd applied a 40% off code for the prices in the image. But, when it's time to buy, I'll def do a proper shop-around.
  11. Good to know - thank you. Contrary to their report, the dealer has confirmed a "red" warning on their report could be misleading and they don't necessarily need replacing "urgently". Also, I suspect a visual inspection is likely to be very poor when judging disc wear. They confirmed the following brake specs, so I'll check the wear with callipers this weekend. Front The front brake discs new are 24mm and the wear limit is 21mm. The front brake pads are 12mm new and the wear limit is 2mm. Rear The rear brake discs new are 10mm and the wear limit is 8mm. The rear brake pads are 11mm new and the wear limit is 2mm. I'll check the wear with callipers this weekend and suspect I'll have several thousand miles remaining.
  12. Hi. I'd welcome your advice and recommendations please re my Golf R estate, facelift 2017 DSG ... My local VW dealer has done a health check and reported the pads are 75% worn (from a visual check) and that the discs and pads need replacing front and rear. I've questioned this and asked them to measure rather than just do a visual check and report back. Whilst they're are doing this, do you know what the new pad and disc thickness is, and what is the minimum thickness for each? Also, who makes the OEM parts? And, how many hours would you guess this job would take? Perhaps 1.5? I have priced up new Pagid discs and pads on Euro Car Parts and the cost is £433.12 (for front and rear). Oddly, they only list new wear sensors for the front pads and a brake pad fitting accessory for the rear pads! Do the wear sensors come as standard in the pad box? Alternatively, a "genuine" disc and pad set from https://www.vwmotorparts.com would be £454.51. VW quoted £1007.72 for the parts and fitting; which seems very high. So, they are charging at least £574 for labour assuming they buy OEM at the same cost as I could buy parts from ECP; though they should surely get a much better price from VW than this. If you were to change discs and pads and wanted to keep the OEM feel, what would you go with? Many thanks for your help and comments.
  13. VW are currently refurbing my wheels under warranty after the lacquer started to fail on 3 of them. They said they would only do this if I hadn't previously refurbed them outside of VW; which was fine because I haven't. I asked how they would know, and was told OEM wheels have a sticker on the inside surface of the rim. So, when they pop a tyre off, if this sticker is missing they know it's had a full refurb. No idea if this is true, but worth checking your cracked / buckled rims.
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