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  1. How much of a difference does a fmic make on the R?
  2. That seems crazy expensive for a exhaust.
  3. Those were the ones I am looking at, is it still okay with a splitter attached for speed bumps etc. Thanks.
  4. eljay

    First VW R

    No, Nottingham.
  5. I like option one, I think the standard brakes on the r are good.
  6. Oh that’s pretty decent similar to the bmw one.
  7. Useful link, what’s the vw app?
  8. eljay

    First VW R

    I’ll have to upload a couple at some point, but got what I was after 5 door 2015, DCC, DSG, Pan roof, sound pack and heated seats. With low miles
  9. Cheers, I’ll give that a shot.
  10. eljay

    First VW R

    Thanks guys.
  11. Glad to hear you're okay, looks like quite a big hit, how quick were you going?
  12. eljay

    Death of an R

    think of the low running costs!
  13. eljay

    First VW R

    thanks, hoping to do stage 2, and a few subtle exterior mods to start with!
  14. eljay

    First VW R

    Hey New to the group, its my first VW, but i have owned my R a little while now, looking to do a few mods
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