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  1. eljay

    Sensible advice needed please

    How much of a difference does a fmic make on the R?
  2. eljay

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    That seems crazy expensive for a exhaust.
  3. eljay

    Eibach pro springs

    Those were the ones I am looking at, is it still okay with a splitter attached for speed bumps etc. Thanks.
  4. eljay

    First VW R

    No, Nottingham.
  5. eljay


    I like option one, I think the standard brakes on the r are good.
  6. eljay

    MK7 dsg recall

    Oh that’s pretty decent similar to the bmw one.
  7. eljay

    MK7 dsg recall

    Useful link, what’s the vw app?
  8. eljay

    First VW R

    I’ll have to upload a couple at some point, but got what I was after 5 door 2015, DCC, DSG, Pan roof, sound pack and heated seats. With low miles
  9. eljay

    Downpipe advise

    Cheers, I’ll give that a shot.
  10. eljay

    First VW R

    Thanks guys.
  11. eljay

    Downpipe advise

    where did you buy yours?
  12. eljay


    Glad to hear you're okay, looks like quite a big hit, how quick were you going?
  13. eljay

    Death of an R

    think of the low running costs!
  14. eljay

    First VW R

    thanks, hoping to do stage 2, and a few subtle exterior mods to start with!
  15. eljay

    First VW R

    Hey New to the group, its my first VW, but i have owned my R a little while now, looking to do a few mods