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  1. The digital dash in the 7.5 is extremely limited. It’s unfortunate, I was cross shopping with the S3, and I assumed it would have similar functionality to the S3 I test drove.
  2. Get the gloss black mirror caps on eBay, $20, done. They’re not oem and they’re not painted to match 100%, but they’re 95% of the way there for 10% of the cost of respray. If you’re paying out of pocket that’s the way to go. If the other drivers insurance is covering, go ahead and get it sprayed. For my last lease return I just bought a cheap one on eBay, looked identical unless you put them right next to each other. No issues.
  3. It’s called pace car indicators or joker lights, it should be under lighting on Carista or obd11 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hope you get it back, were keys in ignition? Remote start in the car? Any idea how? I thought modern cars were difficult to steal.
  5. 30 Interesting though to see all the ages
  6. North American 7.5 R here, I get 35mpg driving like a grandma all highway, on 93 premium top tier gas with AC off. Heated seats off (don’t know if it makes a difference. Your numbers seem a little low, but maybe it’s your fuel.
  7. Did a little digging because I remember something about Quattro in the drive mode select when I was test driving the S3. So in the facelift (17+) S3 you can change the Quattro in the individual drive select, between auto, comfort and dynamic. Dynamic according to random people on forums (no reliable sources I could find) always provides some power to the rear. Why it might be relevant is that this COULD be what this is doing because they both (mk7.5 and facelift S3) use the same dq381 haldex. (Although the increased traction tweak was present on the dq250 as well) Again no one really knows what the dynamic setting for Quattro does (I imagine since it’s official that there should be some documentation for this) and no one knows what the “increased traction” tweak does. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I don’t know what locking the clutch open would do, but I think what it does might be similar to the Audi S3 which has an option in the drive mode select to keep the rear wheels powered, forgot what the option is called.
  9. When testing it, it felt more responsive in cornering, but otherwise felt exactly the same, with the exception of decreased gas mileage (assuming due to drivetrain loss). I turned it back to stock after a few days in order to decrease haldex clutch wear and increase my gas mileage. I imagine I might turn it back on only for track/auto cross, where that kind of always-on may be useful. Otherwise having it kick on as-needed should be fine (the haldex is supposed react and clutch should engage in less than a second).
  10. Yes, or vcds or Carista Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I do not believe that is the case, if it is, it would be wonderful. However, there is a tweak in coding where you can enable increased traction on Haldex which should accomplish the same thing. When testing it out I noticed a significant decrease in fuel economy, nothing scientific, but I would estimate around 20% less fuel economy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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