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  1. Liam256

    Hi All

  2. Liam256

    New to the R life:)

  3. Liam256

    New car for me!

  4. Liam256

    New car :D

  5. Liam256

    New member

  6. Liam256

    Hi VWROC members

    Welcome to the forum! šŸ˜ƒ
  7. Liam256

    New Golf R owner

    Looks stunning!
  8. Liam256

    New member: Mike

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Liam256

    My Golf R

    Very nice, I really fancied a blue, looks great!
  10. Liam256

    Hey up.

    Very nice, and welcome!
  11. Liam256

    Understanding and using your DSG box.....

    Great read, thank you. I'm coming from an run of manuals and most recently a conventional auto, so I'm looking forward to bearing this all in mind. I'm sure i'll still experience my share of WTF moments though!
  12. My wife and I had a financial merger when she went on maternity last year, a glove box lock would offer me no hiding place should I develop a mod addiction! šŸ˜‚
  13. Liam256

    Soon to be new owner!

    Great colour wheel combo, very stealthy!
  14. Liam256

    New MK7.5 owner

    Welcome, and very nice indeed. Iā€™m also set on the gloss black caps, though the silver ones are growing on me!
  15. Liam256

    New Member: Nick-jay