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  1. I wondered about this one too, not sure it has much to do with efficiency, I think it’s a sort of front and rear G meter to demonstrate how hard you are braking or accelerating . My guess is you’re driving more efficiently if you keep the blue bits in the centre. Alternatively it’s fun to try and make them disappear entirely...
  2. That makes perfect sense. I assume tyre damage could be another cause but I imagine that would be more readily apparent than balancing. I had a wheel bearing go on an Octy VRS I had years again and as you say the noise was the most obvious symptom.
  3. It turned out that the problem was wheel balancing. Easily fixed. I also think the R is way more sensitive to road surface than many other cars I’ve had, a lot more feel than I’d expected both through the seat and the wheel.
  4. I don’t have an Apple Music subscription, though I do have amazon music and do use it occasionally through CarPlay. My only gripe with that is the amount of cellular data it uses unless you download playlists in advance, which is pretty much like updating SD’s. I think a combination of the two methods is probably most effective. The album art isn’t that much of an issue, it’s just frustrating knowing that the capability is there but it doesn’t display.
  5. Just ordered a new 64gb SD Card so will give this some thought as I,ve currently just got stuff in individual artist folders.
  6. Apple car play displays album art in a kind of blurry background with massive text in front. I don’t think there’s any way to change it. I prefer the cover flow display from storing on SD or USB but find it frustrating that it can’t be sorted by artist.
  7. All looking very nice, particularly on Spielbergs. Is this coincidence or are they standard kit now?
  8. Thought these were available free from dealers.
  9. Gave mine it’s first wash / wax today. Getting to know all of the little bits that need a bit of extra attention. Didn’t have as long as I wanted so couldn’t get rid of all of the tar spots etc. And wound up using autoglym aqua wax instead of the super resin / extra gloss combo I had in mind. Looks loads happier now though. GaryP how do you keep the tailpipes so clean? Mine are well sooted up and even autosol hasn’t made much of a dent on it. Thinking of trying some wonder wheels, used to do a nice job on my bike exhausts.
  10. Sorry - something not slime thing!
  11. I’m pretty new to my R (a week in) but I’ve set up a personal driver profile under my name and noticed that it doesn’t default to that but to a guest profile. If I don’t think to change the profile before I set off a whole bunch of things are not how I left them. Could it be slime thing this simple? Did you use the other key?
  12. Thanks folks, kinda confirms my thoughts. I wondered about a wheel bearing but haven’t heard any noise so leaning towards wheel / tyre issue. I’ll get it looked at this week. Main concern was that it wasn’t one of those ‘they all do that on 19s’ type things.
  13. It’s on 19” Spielberg’s
  14. Hi all, just had my 7.5 hears for a week, its 11 months old with performance pack, DCC, pan roof and a few other bits. Was going to get a new one but WLTP and blind chance at seeing this one in my local dealer made me pick this one instead. Getting to the point, the car has on a few occasions had a strong vibration throughout the cabin when travelling at 70-85 mph. Seems to happen on very well surfaced roads and is less noticeable on rougher surfaces. At first I thought it might be purely down to the 19’s but I’m beginning to suspect a wheel balancing or tyre issue. Anyone else experienced this? It also has a weird quirk in that the temp gauges in the infotainment display don’t always read until you either turn ignition on / off or flick to a different display and back.
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