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  1. Hatch. Even in S it's a little quiet. I can't decide if it's just quiet or if it's all the sound deadening in the car. I haven't heard it from the outside yet.
  2. TheDitchy

    Three data sim

    The HUAWEI SIM Modem is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B014WMEJ2Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And the 12v to USB adapter is here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00M6Q83B4/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I set the HUAWEI SIM Modem up on my phone, plugged it into the 12V to USB adapter and plugged it into the 12V socket in the boot and it works when the ignition is on.
  3. Isn't the boot section of the Estate the same as the Hatch? If so, the spoiler should be compatible. VW sold the Performance Pack for both Hatch and Estate. Might be worth giving a dealer a call to confirm if the part number for the estate and hatch performance pack spoilers are the same.
  4. Hopefully this will become a thing rather than the MK7 R400 that they teased and never released...
  5. Do you mean the little black Performance Pack spoiler? If so, your dealer can order them or I think VDS sell them. I believe the part number might be 5G6827940 041
  6. Hi, Anyone else suffering with annoying Capacitator/Coil whine when starting the car? It's a varying high pitched screach or whine that changes in pitch and volume depending on how much current is flowing through something. It sounds like it's coming from the heater panel and is much louder when the heating, A/C or heated seats are on. I never had this in my previous MK7 Golf. It's not really an issue but it's quite annoying on a cold start. My car is a Post-WLTP DSG MK7.5 R.
  7. Love the silver Pretoria's and Silver mirror contrasting with the black. If it wasn't full of stones, that car park would be perfect to get a little 4Motion slide in...
  8. It might be a banked car that was made during the WLTP testing. I've got a Build week 48 car which has all the WLTP changes, including the hazard button and changed rearview mirror, but didn't come with the extra features as it's pre build week 52. Although I wish I did have lane assist just because it's cool, I haven't really missed it. I had the camera specced from order but you could ask your dealer if they can retrofit this? I prefer not having Keyless myself but everyone has their own preference. Oh and congrats on the new car
  9. Have you got any OBDII reader to check for any errors, if there is any? How many miles has the car done? A friend of mine had a similar thing with his S1 (Not a golf but the same Haldex based AWD system) and he found it was a clogged Haldex pump which causing the bang and braking harshly. Although you've mentioned it was as you've changed gear so maybe it's not related, might be worth getting it checked if you've done 20K+ without a haldex service.
  10. TheDitchy

    Three data sim

    I bought a HUAWEI E8372 USB SIM modem which I plugged into a USB to 12V socket adapter and I've plugged it into the 12V socket in the boot. I've got a data only Vodafone sim which I top up every now and then. It gives my car Wi-Fi for my passengers plus I can have the car connected to Car-Net all the time.
  11. It's comforting to know it's not just my driving 😂 Thanks for clearing that up.
  12. Hi, I had a weird moment with my Post WLTP DSG R on my way to work. I came off a slip road into traffic in Automatic 5th gear. The outside lane was free so flicked downshift a few times, expecting the gearbox to give me 3rd, except it gave me 2nd instead which I didn't notice when I put my foot down as I was looking into the outside lane to make sure it was still free to move over. On accelerating, the car pulled hard as it would in any lower gear but then violently engine braked and redlined the engine until it decided to change me into 3rd. This sounded painful and sound a higher RPM than just letting the car redline itself as if you were accelerating through gears. The car drove fine with no issues and no warning lights were on the dash afterwards. I thought I'd scan the engine with my Carista app anyway just in case it had flagged some errors from the engine. I had error code 007219 which it flagged as infotainment system for some reason. On a bit of googling, on an Audi forum, I found 7219 to be a Cam Adjustment Actuator for Cylinder 3 Electronic Malfunction or Open Circuit. I cleared the code as the car didn't seem to have any issue and hammered the car home to see if the error would return but it never did. I've seen a few posts which have mentioned overrevving a DSG isn't possible. Has anyone else had anything like this on their R or am I just incapable of driving an Automatic? Also, I don't plan on taking it into a dealer for a check-up as this was probably just my bad driving and the car has been fine ever since. It's done 200 miles since then with no issue and is now on 1200 miles. I'll keep an eye on it though and if it ever does happen again or I see the fault again, I'll take it to my dealer just to be on the safe side.
  13. I'm at 1200 miles so far. It normally gets to stretch its legs on slip roads through the week. Still can't decide if the exhaust is too quite or not, it's very muted in the cabin.
  14. Been looking all over for these part numbers! Thanks!
  15. Apologies for reviving this slightly older thread but thought I'd update on this from what I found when completing quotes for my Post-WLTP 2019 R and noticed the 2017 Facelift and Pre-facelift models to be much cheaper to insure. I know that R's used to be insurance category 34E but are now - 37E. I can't find the post but I think I read within the GolfR order thread that with the release of the GTI TCR, the R was moved up an insurance category. This is why we are only getting limited insurance providers.
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